Chiseled Granite Countertop Edges

I love the rustic feel of chiseled granite countertop edges.


And, I was thrilled to have them in our new house.  It looks almost like the granite was just broken off a slab.  But, actually, it was hand chiseled.


Now that I have them, I’m not sure I like them.  Do you have them?  Do you like them?

I keep chipping nails as I reach for a drawer and miss or scraping myself on them.

Want to see another example?


Other granite edge finishes include:

  • Full bullnose – Oval edge
  • Half bullnose – Curved with a flat bottom
  • T-edge -Squared off
  • Single waterfall – Curved
  • Triple waterfall – Multiple curves like rounded stair steps
  • Beveled – Triple cut with a diagonal edge


What edge finish do you prefer?  Do you love the chiseled edge?



  1. Oh shoot, I’d never thought about this. I like the chiseled edges for sure, but if you’re saying they scrape or (eek) break nails, then not so much! I love functionality/practically usually over aesthetics. Thanks for bringing this up. We’re having stone cut for a shower bench and I’ll definitely make sure we get smooth edges.

  2. You’ll get used to them. I don’t know how easy it is to recut them in place. I really hate bullnose. I think it is outdated and too modern looking. I think I like the traditional beveled cut. How should I know, I have formica from 1967? In the next year I think I will get soapstone counters. They probably come with a plain square edge. Ann

  3. You could have the edges redone I suppose. Probably cost a fortune but might be nice.

    Your waterfall cut I believe is called an Ogee edge. I like that.

  4. If you were wearing a silk top and leaned against it, would it snag?

    • Yes, very possible. I just had to put a bandaid on my knuckle after hitting it and making it bleed… so probably. But, I won’t be redoing them – not worth it. And, they still look cool!

  5. I love the chiseled edge. My daughter had it in her bathroom. I have silestone in my kitchen and I absolutely love it. It has a funny edge but I don’t know the name.
    Blessings, Ginger

  6. I never seen it before, but it’s really cool looking! I like it, but I can see how it would get really annoying if you’re chipping nails – ouch! Beauty is pain ;)

  7. all it would take is for me to snag one sweater and I’d be taking a grinder to them myself!!

  8. We have ogee edges and I detest them. Makes cleaning so much harder. I love the way the chiseled granite looks!

  9. That is funny that you ask this question in your post because I just had to make this decision for our new house. After spending WAY too much on all of the other upgrades, I opted for the standard which was a half bull nose. If I could have anything I would have the chiseled like you have although I haven’t ever lived with it. I hope you get used to it!

  10. We chose double bullnose, & I love it. I really don’t care for the chiseled edge. My dentist office has it at the front counter & I snagged my blouse the first time I went there. No thanks!

  11. Getting new granite and just saw this edge at the granite place today – fell in love with it but now I too am wondering about snagging sweaters etc….maybe I’ll have to wear a silk or such blouse (too hot for a sweater right now) to the place and see if it snags…Otherwise I found it to be so different – I’ve really never seen it before. My cousin is concerned about resale and if others would be turned off by it. So I’m still debating.

    • I’ve gotten used to it, but occasionally, I chip a nail or snag a shirt. But, it is rare. In fact, I saw a home the other day that had sealed it really well and it was a little smoother and seemed to be better in those ways. As for resale, everyone that has seen it in my home has loved it and commented about how they hadn’t seen it before. So, I don’t think it would be a negative or turn off for many.

  12. I just came across this thread and enjoyed reading the comments. We are in the process of tempting the granite and I chose chiseled over the ogee. I am hoping I didn’t make a mistake, but I have always loved the chiseled look. We do have a lot of beautiful detail in the new kitchen with corbels and moding, etc. so I thought the chiseled edge might give it a rustic and eclectic look and that the ogee might make the kitchen too “fancy”. I know this is an old thread, but curious to see if you are still loving the edge and have gotten used to it. We do have 3 kids, but I kind of think if one hits it, it’s going to be hard anyways. ;) Thanks for this post!

    • I really do like it. I occasionally hit my hand on it, I rarely snag a blouse and overall it’s no problem. So, yeah, I’ve gotten used to it and love the look. We have it in our kitchen and master bath. Hope that helps!

    • I would love to know if Alicia now has chiseled edge granite. We love the look but so many people have a preconceived notion it could snag or chip but the fabricator says nut. Ours would be for the entire kitchen in a transitional home. We don’t want to regret getting it.

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