Color My World Series – Week 2

This week is the week for using your new color in décor for the Color My World Challenge.

Keep in mind, we’ll be using our new color in decor, paint, and fabric. The final week, May 1st, will be a wrap up and a blog hop where you can link up a post showing how YOU added a new color to your home too.

Examples of Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 3rd
Using Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 10th
Using Navy with Paint – Tuesday, April 17th
Using Navy with Fabric – Tuesday, April 24th
Show all three elements and say if you liked the color or not – Tuesday, May 1

My color is navy.

This week, I’m taking two old pieces of lighthouse art that we used when we first got married way back in 1996.  I saved them hoping that one day I could use the frames which happen to be navy.  The matting is also another shade of navy, bordering on violet.

Here is the before and after (with matting).

Phone-363 Art-001

You’ll need:

- Paint of your choice
- Something to paint on
- Frames
- Painters tape
- Paint brush
- Water
- Paper towels to clean up

1.  I sat the old art with the back facing up on our breakfast table (first glimpse of it).  You can see, there is a backer on it.


2.  I ripped off the backing.


3.  To get the print off the matting, I used a hair dryer.  That loosened the glue to help it to rip less, thus saving the matting.


You can see it off here.  There is some damage, but this is fine, as long as the front of the matting is still intact.


4.  Now what to do with the navy frames?!  I could use paint chips and create some fun art!


I could antique some paper and create sketches of things like states we’ve lived in or birds or flowers.


Then, these could get pasted on in rows of three.  I made my first one from paper with some wood stain on it.  You could also make them from paper bags.


You can begin to see how my brain works as I formulate what I want to do.

In the end, I chose to paint the cardboard that was already in the frame holding the print in.

5.  Just slap some paint on.  Layer it.  The more you layer it, the better.

I have chosen to include these colors throughout my house – navy, green, teal, and neutrals such as gray and ivory.


I’m looking to see how it will look with the matting.


6.  I cut pieces of painters tape in 4 inch strips.


7.  Put the tape on roughly in a chevron patter with 90 degree angles at the joints.  I didn’t worry about being exact, as I was going for a messy look.  In fact, it didn’t really stick because the paint was still damp, but that’s what I wanted.


8.  Paint over what is showing with white paint.


9.  Peel off painter’s tape.


Wipe over the white while it’s still wet with a damp paper towel.  Be sure to go all in one direction.

10.  Do the other one the same.



11.  Let it dry.


12.  Then, I sanded them a bit to make them more rustic, almost like an old sign with no real template.  Spray a quick coat of poly on them.

13.  And, finally, I put them in the frame and hung them!

It is hung in the half bath.  It’s rustic, imperfect and one is slightly different than the next, on purpose.

So far, navy isn’t too bad!    And, it was free!   What do you think?

I can also still just flip the painted part around and go with the sketch idea in the future.

What color are you adding to your home?

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  1. Great idea to reuse the old frames and mats. Love your custom artwork! What a fun challenge.

  2. That turned out awesome Kristy! What a great way to incorporate all those colors!

  3. those are so fun! i love when you can create your own artwork- i love the colors and think it suits you perfectly!

  4. Good thinking on reusing those frames and mats!

  5. I love a free project! I can’t believe how many great ideas you had to fill the frames, but I definitely like your chevrons best. Nice job!!

  6. A very creative project – love the colors.

  7. Very clever!!! Nicely done:) I used an old frame for my challenge, too! Great way to get rid of the boring stock print inside and add some personality!

  8. Pretty, Kristy! Love how funky and cool they turned out, and how you created the art. Thanks so much for sharing your process!

  9. What a great idea to make your own artwork and re-use frames with navy matting! I like them and it was fun seeing your creative process all blogged out!

  10. Its beautiful! Looks like something you’d pay lots of $$ for!

  11. I’m always all about things I can get for not a lot of $$$, that way, I still have shopping money (c: I love the colors that you used in the painting!!!

  12. Om, the hair dryer trick? Why didn’t I think of that! Genius! I always look for good bones frames with mats even if the art is fugly in the clearance aisles!

  13. I always love diy painted pieces–what a good use of previous art!

  14. Kristy, I think your layering of paint was an art form in itself! Awesome job and how very “green” of you (pun intended). Ha ha

  15. I love me a good chevron! These are fabulous! I love that you used other colors that you have in the house! Perfect

  16. What a great upcycling project! Love chevron – looks very current and fresh :)

  17. I found your blog through your craigslist ad and I am now addicted! I’ve gone through almost all of your old posts. I especially like the tutorials such as this one. I’m moving into a new apartment this summer and I can’t stop thinking of all the ways to change things up. I’m on a very limited budget, so I love DIY ideas like this.

  18. Awesome! I love these! Great job.

  19. Your paintings look amazing. What a great idea.

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