Color My World – Week 3

Today is week 3 for the Color My World Challenge.

Color My World Challenge is a series that a number of bloggers have been invited to participate in.  But, not only have these bloggers been invited to participate, we will all be hosting a link party at the end so that readers can play along and share what they have added to their home.

Examples of Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 3rd
Using Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 10th
Using Navy with Paint – Tuesday, April 17th
Using Navy with Fabric – Tuesday, April 24th
Show all three elements and say if you liked the color or not – Tuesday, May 1

Readers are also invited to post links to the color they added to their homes on May 1st.  Those photos (and links to blogs) will appear on all 18 of the series participant blogs.

Yesterday, I posted about painted ceilings.  That was because this past weekend, we had one of our ceilings painted!

As you know, the color I am adding to my house is navy blue.  Here is the ceiling in my family room!  Our ceiling in that room is 12 ft.



We used Sherwin William’s Loyal Blue on the ceiling.  Emily Henderson from HGTV just painted her office the exact same color that I painted our ceiling.  Here is what she said about it.


I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, my painter got the wrong color at first and it was Indigo.  So two coats of Indigo went up first and it was too purple.  So, we went to Loyal Blue which is navy in most lights, yet almost a royal at certain times of the day.

And, though not the best photo, here is a view from further back.   Tomorrow, I will share more of the new house.  First the kitchen and then the family room on the following day.

However, please understand that we moved into our new home just three weeks ago and we’re still working on the rooms!  This is not a finished room.  I’m showing a work in progress.


What color are you adding to your home?

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  1. I LOVE it! Beautiful color!! :)

  2. WOW! talk about dramatic! that is awesome, kristy! so so awesome!

  3. I can’t believe how amazing this is! You went all out and it looks bad to the bone!

  4. Kristy, it looks amazing!!! What a dramatic impact it makes!

  5. The navy ceiling is perfect for that room. Not every room could pull it off, as you know, but with your tall ceilings, and that special coffer detail, it looks amazing!

  6. Way to take a risk Kristy!!! Your ceiling looks amazing and I can’t believe how well-put-together your house looks after only three weeks.

  7. This is AWESOME! Go bold or go home! I love painted ceilings and that is the perfect room for it. It has so much natural light and the tall ceilings so that it can carry the dark color. Amazing!

  8. I love the ceiling! The blue is a great shade!

  9. I love it! Looks so good. I’m glad your bold, daring risk paid off!

  10. It looks fabulous, Kristy! I love the drama of a boldly painted ceiling, and your home looks gorgeous already!

  11. dang! go big or go home! nice job… i LOVE how the ceiling turned out! i love seeing it in perspective to the room… especially with those chevron pillows!! it looks great!

  12. Incredible! I am thinking of doing this in my daughter’s room. thanks for the inspiration!

  13. It looks so good! That navy is a gorgeous color!

  14. The ceiling looks absolutely gorgeous, that blue is amazing! I look forward to your using navy with fabric.

  15. Oh I am in love! It’s navy, bold and beautiful! The room looks really great for only being there 3 weeks.

  16. Gorgeous! What a lovely ceiling! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  17. I am all over navy right now! I can’t believe you have only been there 3 weeks. Getting so much done!

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