Fiddle Leaf Fig

I’ve long admired these plants.  You’ve probably seen this one in Kirsten Krason’s (6th Street Design School) dining room.


You can find them in many designs including in designs by Jonathan Adler.


They are truly a designer’s go-to plant.  Why?  Mainly because they look great in a variety of different interiors and truly make a room more interesting due to their sculptural shape.

I am not too great with plants, so I had to wonder, how easy are they to keep alive?

“According to the owner of Noble Planta, you should let the top soil dry out before watering. Then water slowly around the stem first and then around the outside. When you see water in the tray, that is your cue to stop. If there is no tray or saucer, he recommended about 3-4 cups of water. Watering the same day every week is not best because it might need more water one week and less the next. You have to check. He also suggested opening the windows early in the morning so it receives fresh air in the summer. You should also try to give it fresh air in the winter but away from a cold draft. I am excited to own one but I need to buy a planter before it’s ready for its close up.”  -Habitually Chic Blog

Here are a few more examples of fiddle leaf fig plants in fabulous rooms.








I finally got one of my own.  I bought it at Home Depot this weekend for $35 and it’s close to six feet tall, when in a pot!  In general, they are way more expensive – up to $200 for one that size, if you go to a nursery.

This is her, in our breakfast room.


So the test now is if I can keep mine alive.  I don’t have a great track record.  But it is in a room with great sunlight and I will follow the directions carefully.  So, I’ll let you know how hearty they really are.

What do you think of Fiddle Leaf Figs?  Do you have any tips on caring for them?


Update 11/12/12:

Ignore all instructions on how to care for fiddle leaf figs in the post above.  Instead, check out our conclusions on how to care for it here


  1. Alisha -

    I also love the fiddle leaf fig and purchased one a few months ago after hearing that “they are virtually un-killable when kept indoors”. I definitely don’t have a very green thumb and unfortunately mine has started going brown around the edges of the leaves. I’ve read that this can be a build up of salt (we live in Australia very near the beach so it may be the salt air) and you should only water with distilled water. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks but it’s still looking a little sad. I’m hoping it starts to pick up again soon. Good luck with yours, I’d love to hear if you pick up any other tricks to helping them stay nice and healthy!

  2. We have matching posts today, Kristy. Just bought my second fiddle leaf fig and praying I don’t kill them. Yours is beautiful!

  3. It’s very pretty! I could see this turning into a giant disaster with me. :P Sending good plant vibes your way!

  4. Oh my gosh! Recycled design has a post on how to care for fiddle leaf fig today.

  5. I heard a rumor that these might be found at Home Depot…I’ve been looking! I’d like to try one, too. Keep us posted on how it’s doing!

  6. I have been wanting one of these but I have a lack of light in my house. We only get light in the front of the house in the late afternoon. I could probably grow one in my daughters room as there is light there, BUT I am about to squeeze another baby in her small room and there is no room for decoration. MAYBE one in the corner of the dining room…. if I can find one at a reasonable price.
    Thanks for the great post.


  7. Alisha -

    That link had some fantastic advice! Thanks for sharing it, I think I need to change the soil my plant is in and I’ve also been perhaps watering too much

  8. It’s so pretty! I love the big leaves! I might have to try to find a spot for one of these.

  9. Love your new plant!

    Plants bring so much to a space.

  10. I have always loved these! But they’re so hard to find, at least where I live!

  11. Oooooo… I want one so bad!!! I didn’t think about them having one. I’m heading out tomorrow with my fingers crossed! Yours is beautiful by the way :)

  12. That is the coolest, most hip plant on the planet right now! So that must make you hip & cool ! That is great to hear that you got yours at Home Depot! I’ll be anxious to hear how well it does. Good luck!

  13. I was so excited when I got my first two fiddle leaf figs a year ago! Now my house is covered in them! They are easy to propagate by cutting a newer shoot off and simply planting it in soil+perlite. Also, buy them small because they do grow fast enough. I purchased them for $8 a piece at a local Nursery. After a year they are the size of the $99 specimens. Note: these are not shaped like yours, but have leaves down to the base. So if you wanted that specific look, I’m sure it cost more, but was worth it. Over watering is easier to do then under watering, in the winter I water maybe once a month because there is no direct sunlight. I’ve had one turn brown and every single leaf fell off after staging a house that used the AC nonstop. I cleaned it up, fertilized it with seaweed extract and after a month it was sprouting new leaves. I am really bad at keeping up with constant care of plants, so these are perfect! Good luck everyone and have fun looking for a cool container!

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