Fun Finds – HomeGoods and World Market

Here are some fun finds from HomeGoods and World Market.

Phone-115 Phone-117

Phone-044 Phone-040

Phone-049 Phone-056

Phone-057 Phone-063

Phone-067 Phone-070

Phone-073 Phone-080

Phone-081 Phone-089

Phone-099 Phone-101

Phone-102 Phone-103

Phone-106 Phone-109

Phone-111 Phone-114

Antiques-007 Antiques-008

Antiques-009 Antiques-010

Antiques-011 Antiques-012

Antiques-013 Antiques-014

Antiques-015 Antiques-001

Antiques-002 Antiques-003

Antiques-004 Antiques-005

Antiques-006 Antiques-007

Do you own any of these items?  Which two did I buy?  What are your favorite places to shop?



  1. HomeGoods is the same company as HomeSense in Canada, and it’s definitely my favourite store! Some of those rugs are really stunning. I’m going to venture a guess – you bought the turquois and green throw pillow and the lamp in the first picture. :)

  2. Ok, now I totally have to change my plans for the day and go to Homegoods. So cute! I think you bought the grass and a pouf maybe???

  3. I wish we had a HomeGoods here! Great highlights! I think you bought maybe a rug and a lamp….or??? :-)

  4. Great finds. I can always find great lamps at HomeGoods. I only wish I had one closer to me…the closest one is four hours away! That might be a good thing…I could easily spend way too much money there!

  5. LOVE HomeGoods! I’m hoping you bought one of those fabulous rugs. Can’t wait to see.

  6. Oh my gosh, I want all of it! Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have a HomeGoods nearby :)

  7. Great finds. I haven’t been doing a lot of shopping lately. I need to be selling stuff!! I love the inspiration pics. HomeGoods would be my favorite of the two.
    Love the white chippendale look bench with the blue cushion.
    Thanks for taking us shopping.

  8. We bought the table from World Market and juts love it. We use it with a dining bench from Angelo Home ~ very chic (at least we think so)

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