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Fun Finds – Austin Antique Mall!

I loved visiting the local Antique Mall.  I found some awesome things at very affordable prices.  I wanted to share SOME of what I saw while there with you all!

Antiques-079 Antiques-124

Antiques-081 Antiques-016

Antiques-017 Antiques-018

Antiques-020 Antiques-037

Antiques-022 Antiques-023

Antiques-024 Antiques-025

Antiques-027 Antiques-059

Antiques-028 Antiques-029

Antiques-030 Antiques-031

Antiques-044 Antiques-045

Antiques-048 Antiques-049

Antiques-053 Antiques-055

Antiques-061 Antiques-062

Antiques-067 Antiques-069

Antiques-070 Antiques-074

Antiques-072 Antiques-073

Antiques-078 Antiques-084

Antiques-082 Antiques-085

Antiques-086 Antiques-087

Antiques-098 Antiques-099

Antiques-102 Antiques-103

Antiques-108 Antiques-109

Antiques-107 Antiques-110

Antiques-115 Antiques-117

Antiques-118 Antiques-119

Antiques-120 Antiques-131

Antiques-132 Antiques-135

Antiques-137 Antiques-140

Antiques-143 Antiques-145

Have you been to an antique mall?  Is this stuff you would use in your home?  I honestly think most designs (unless completely contemporary and sleek) should have a few items with history in it.



  1. Wow you took a lot of photos! I love antiquing, unfortunatly I’m far from any places I know of :( There are definitely some great finds at this one. I wish I could go!

  2. I love to wander around Antique Malls. I usually think their prices are too high, but I realize they have to pay the rent, right? Your kitchen and family room are really starting to take shape.

    Just wanted to give you a little FYI. Plans are in the works for a True Food Kitchen in Austin. The next one is opening in San Diego in June, & then the one after that is in Colorado. I don’t know where Austin is in the line-up, but they are planning on it. Just thought you would like to know!

  3. I can’t believe all that great stuff was in one spot! I’d totally use it in my house :)

  4. Looks like Austin has a lot of card catalogues and cubby hole things. That chandelier above the stop sign looks like real brass, solid brass that is. I know a lot of people hate it, but if you get it cleaned up and relacquered professionally it could be worth a lot of money. You have a lot of interesting things to choose from. I like the windmill and all the medical looking things. I would put the “Internal Medicine” sign in the bathroom. Ann

  5. I LOVE that giant H. That would be SO great in our house! I wish I could find things like that around me!

  6. Oh you lucky girl! I would be going crazy with all that stuff in there. We have NOTHING like that in San Diego. I am looking for a vintage sign for the “fun” room long and skinny and I know that place would have the perfect one, dang it! I can’t wait to see what you came home with.

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