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My poor hubby drove over an hour after work (should have been half an hour, but the gps took him the wrong way) to get an end table from Craigslist.  When he arrived, late, they said the table was actually at their store.  So, he drove another 20 minutes further from home to get it.  What a trooper.

Thank goodness we loved the table.  And, we learned about a cool new locally owned store, Revolution Home which is located in Georgetown, TX.


Let’s take a look inside at their fun inventory.



Sorry the photos were taken pre-Easter.

I had that safari art that is in the background until recently!





Oh, and what end table did we get?  This one.


Not a great picture, but it’s all I have (from Craigslist) at the moment.

Have you driven far for something?  Was it worth it?  I love the table, but that was a lot of effort – I’m not certain we’d do it again.  But, I’m happy to know about the store.

Winner of yesterday’s giveaway:  Sandra K.  Didn’t hear back.  Redid the drawing.  New winner is Michelle from Decor and the Dog!



  1. Oooo! I love the table! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate it!

  2. A friend told me once, “You get the house you deserve.” This means that those people who put in the effort, that shop around for the best tile, that read magazines, and plan things out have a better house than those who think they can drop into a store on Saturday and fill a room. So I tell this to myself several times a year. I suppose you can be obsessive about your house, but working towards making a warm comfortable environment is admirable. When you get most of your room filled, forgot about it. Add things here and there when you run across them. You also need to have an attractive house because that is your business, and your house is your advertisement. Like the table!

    • That is amazing wisdom. And, something I’m learning more and more to be true. Let it develop over time if possible. Be patient. Find those just right items, don’t settle. Stay within your budget, but find just the right item for the space. It takes time and patience. That’s the hard part.

  3. Great table! He is quite the trooper!

  4. Oh my gosh, Kristy!! Let me tell you about going waaaaay too far for things on Craigslist and Ebay!! I do it all the time! I set my furniture search on Ebay for either 50 or 75 miles away (since I now live just W. of Trenton, that puts NYC in the search at 55 miles). I have driven to Northern Jersey, Barnegat, NJ (on the shore), West Chester, PA (W. of Philadelphia), plus several other places. When I was in Texas, the farthest I ever went for an item was South and West of Granbury, near Glen Rose, out in the middle of nowhere, at 10:30 in the evening…after a football game our HS team played in Granbury…which made it feasible for me to even purchase the lovely item. It is probably my favorite, too. It is a 1960′s, whiteish, French Provencial dressing table with a wrought iron chair. I paid $65 for both, but had to pick it up waaaaay out there (I lived in Trophy Club, right down the highway from DFW Airport). I found that one on Craigslist. The trip to West Chester, PA was also a super trip, as I purchased 4, ladderback, woven seat, chippy white, dining room chairs, in great shape for $80.

    So, many times it is really worth the trip. If you love it…it was worth it!!

    By the way….love your blog!!!!

    • Awesome comment – you made me feel way better! Sheesh – what we’ll do for deals and for the right pieces. But, you are right, if it’s a good piece at a good price, it’s worth it. My favorite piece at this point is the white dresser that my tv sits on (I need to tell Wendi who I got it from and go to her antique shop soon). Glad we aren’t the only ones driving far!!

  5. I don’t ever mind going out of my way to find something new and exciting because you never know what will happen along the way. I am always open to a new adventure. I love your new table and props to your hubby!

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