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Since we sold our master bed last month, I’ve been on the hunt for a new one.  We’d love to have an upholstered headboard (or bed) with tufting and nailhead.  But, something large with some drama, and preferably height.  I haven’t spotted just the right thing.  But here are some interesting headboards I’ve seen lately.

From a local shop.  Of course, I saw it after it was sold.


I’ve loved this one by Kara Paslay for a long time.


Another by Kara with duct tape!  Pretty cool diy project.

image image

And, another from Kara.  She’s on a roll.  I love this one.  Maybe we could just make it?


Let me just stop there because next week I’ll just do a whole Kara Paslay tribute!  There is some serious genius there.

I thought this one by Maureen at The Inglenook Décor was cute.


I really like the Chesterfield bed from Restoration Hardware, but the hubby doesn’t.  He doesn’t like the curl in it.  I don’t mind it in the headboard.  This bed is at our local outlet…  hmmm…  A little more than I’d like to spend, still, but I may have to revisit it.  He wants something taller, as well.


Liking this on from Horchow!  But it appears to only come in red.


This Adler design is 70 inches tall, but pricey.


I have told him that to get a headboard over 62 inches tall (as our last one was), at a reasonable price, we may have to make one ourselves or have it made.  But, I do love that nailhead trim on that last one and even a bright color.   have you seen any large headboards (over 62 inches) with either nailhead trim or tufting or both at a reasonable price (under $1000)?

What is your favorite headboard right now?



  1. I’m obsessed with headboards….Joshy bobby begs me to stop looking, but I can’t. You might come across another one similar to the first pic, just depends on how long you’re willing to wait. Have you checked amazon at all? I love this one: http://amzn.com/B005VY938A

    Xx. Patience

    • Yes, and a similar one is on Craigslist here. But, the hubby says it’s not dramatic enough. He’s more picky than I am!! It’s so funny how that has happened over the years.

      • That is hilarious! And Josh is well on his way to being exactly the same! There was just this amazing bed I posted about in phx, too bad you weren’t able to snatch that one up before moving!

        Xx. Patience

  2. Have the guy who is building the table for u to build a headboard…cover it in velvet if you want too….

  3. I’ve been debating over what to do with our headboard too! I want to make one for the guest room, but then we’ll be without for the master! Decisions decisions!

  4. I’ve been debating about an upholstered headboard, but my allergies are terrible and I’m afraid of the dust it will collect.
    I really like this one:
    It’s only 60″, but there are so many fabric choices!

    Similar here with great fabric choices (or supply your own), but no idea how tall it is!?

    Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  5. We made a duplicate of that jonathan adler for under $300, if you’re feeling brave! :)

  6. Isn’t the stuff Kara makes great?! All those headboards are great. I love the RH one, but man their stuff is expensive!

  7. We’re going the DIY route! I can’t wait…still figuring out some details and saving $ for a nice mattress set! :-) I can’t wait to see what you do!

  8. Jen @ simply-inspiring

    What about an old brass one spray painted a bright funky color??? I’m really considering it for myself!

    • I love the idea, but I’m really going for a classically neutral palette… then layering in some color. Blues and greens…

  9. I just finished headboard on my blog. I would love it if you stopped by and checked it out. http://designedbychance.blogspot.com/2012/03/white-leather-tufted-headboard.html

  10. Oh my gosh, this post really resonates with me today. I just about purchased a bed from Century for $1600.00 (designer cost) and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I would much rather do something more clever. I will keep searching architectural salvage stores or possibly talk my hubby into building bookcases surrounding an inexpensive headboard. We move into our new home in August so I have a little time! I look forward to next weeks post about Kara

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