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I Have a Thing For… Boldly Painted Ceilings

Have you taken a risk lately?  There are a few things that I’m really into right now and one is risky.  It’s ceilings painted with a bold color.  I’ll be sharing the others in upcoming posts.

That’s right, painted ceilings.  Don’t neglect that “fifth wall.”  It can create that special unexpected element.

Check out this purple ceiling!


It makes the room.  Hands down.  The rest of the room is very basic and muted.

Or, how about this one with all the trim near it.


Love outdoor painted ceilings as well.


How about adding pattern… on the ceiling?


I love the fyschia used on the ceiling in this girly bedroom.


Again, this green makes a simple room, very dynamic.


I’ve loved this nursery by Sherry Hart for quite some time.  Maybe it’s because of the ceiling.


Would you ever paint a ceiling?  I might…



  1. I painted the ceiling in one of my parlors (I live in an 1887 Queen Anne cottage) a golden tan color and the walls are about the color of caramel. Because I live in a Victorian, I don’t find the idea of a painted or patterned ceiling unusual, but I suppose it is in a modern home where the ceilings are usually white.

  2. Do it! I think it’s greatness, but such a pain in the neck. ha!

  3. I adore painted ceilings. The light blue one I love. The last image is by sherry Hart and she has a blog. Love her work.

  4. I am with you on this one all the way!

  5. Oh and by the way we have. All of our bathrooms have the same ceiling paint colour as their walls. In our powder room, we even painted all the trim and beadboard the same colour too!

  6. I just painted our office with a dark steely-blue ceiling and the walls white. Loving it so far!

  7. I would totally paint a ceiling. I actually may paint one this week. I love love love the patterned ceiling and the outdoor ceiling. <3

  8. This would be great if one didn’t have to contend with a husband who thinks it is silly. Ann

  9. I love painted ceilings too! Which room are you thinking of painting? I will probably paint our master bedroom ceiling a darker color to help it with the moody feel.

  10. I love this idea! But I can only love it as an idea, since our house has pine planks for all the ceilings, which totally works in this house. But I’m filing this away as an idea to use in a future home, if there ever is such a thing. :-)

  11. Those are so fun, especially love the green vaulted one! We have the dreaded popcorn ceiling in almost every room in this house :( In our last house the ceilings were painted and I LOVED the look.

  12. Yes, & we have, but I’m too conservative to go bold. I like them in soft hues.

  13. Of course I love painted ceilings! Imagine my surprise to see you featured my nursery:). Thanks!

  14. I ADORE that nursery and so much of what you do! Thank you SO much for stopping by!!

  15. I just painted my Laundry room ceiling with bold grey and white stripes. I have a traditional home but really love to be bold and daring so I just went for it. You can check it out here Lesley

  16. What a great time to see this painting project & by pure accident.. But hey I don’t think there r accidents like this. Lol anyway I love painted ceilings especially the pattern style. I just happen to have the old wooden ceilings so yes! Great ideal at a great time, now I was wondering if any ideals as I am now in the Bedroom which the walls are lets say Dallas Cowboys Blue ( Grson ) BR ok. It has the wide!molding with the wooden ceiling and one older style window wt wide molding/trim. My ? Is suggestions pleez on trim & ceiling color? Any feed back I will TY in advance but I will let u know I am open to BOLD!

    • Sounds like a great room. I’m not really able to answer these types of questions with just a written description. Sorry! Best of luck in finding the right colors.

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