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Our New Home So Far – Kitchen

It has been three weeks since we purchased and moved into our new home in Austin.  I’ve been working non-stop on unpacking, selling old furniture, getting new furniture and decorating.  There is still a lot to do, but here is where we are so far!

Remember this image that I posted while deciding on lighting?  Things are all pasted in this photo (below) to see how it may look.

In the end, we decided on these in nickel satin.


The barstools were also pasted in here as I decided on overall design direction.


That direction has changed a bit since, but the general idea is still firmly intact.

Here is how the actual room is looking now that we have the new lights from Arcadian Lighting in and the barstools in place.


Aren’t those lights awesome?!  It’s so fun to see things come to life.


I thought this kitchen was smaller than our last, but we haven’t filled any of the very top shelves yet, so it may be a hair larger as it pertains to cabinet space.  The pantry is definitely larger.


Features of our new kitchen include a pot filler, stone backsplash, chiseled granite countertops, custom stove hood, oil rubbed bronze fixtures, and GE Monogram appliances.

I wish I could capture the size of the kitchen more accurately in these images, but it’s as large as our last one.  The island alone is 10.5 ft long.  The wall of cabinets behind it is 15 ft, then 6.5 ft of cabinets by the fridge.

What all do we have left to do?   Well, mostly just adding the wheat grass that is in the drawing.  I have a tiny little container of it on the counter now, but we plan to add some as shown in the original design.

To see what our last kitchen looked like, go to the tour page.

What about the family room that I showed a glimpse of yesterday?  We’ll show more of it tomorrow!

What do you think of the lighting?  Of the barstools?  Of the kitchen at the new house?   These are not final photos, but photos of work in progress so far… after just a few weeks.



  1. Wow! Your place looks great…..even without the wheatgrass. Hopefully you are loving your new city!

  2. Beautiful! Those lights are perfect!!

  3. Love the lights. Glad you went with chrome….it really adds brightness to your space!

  4. It looks gorgeous! I’m so digging those pendants and barstools :)

  5. Fancy-schmancy lights! I like!

  6. Love the lighting and the stools! It’s all coming together so nicely. Looking forward to tomorrows post. :)

  7. Love it so far.

  8. Wow, you are rockin’ and rollin’ – your modern choices are the perfect addition to that beautiful kitchen!

  9. Congrats on your new house! I like the nickel satin- I’ve heard of nickel appliances (vs stainless steel) and I’m digging it thus far, though haven’t looked into it much.. Good luck as you continue to pull it together!

  10. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the lights you chose and the chairs are so fun!

  11. I can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished so quickly! The lights add the perfect amount of contrast in the kitchen. Looking good!

  12. The lights are really wonderful. The whole ktichen looks great. The bar stools ” in person” look even better than pasted. ( they already looked great before ) =)

  13. Absolutely beautiful. Love, love, love.

  14. Your lighting choice looks awesome! Just a little industrial with a nice shiny feel. The barstools certainly lighten up the room and are a great contrast to the traditional kitchen! You are just scooting along with all of your unpacking and decorating! It looks so warm and inviting!

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