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Our New House – Family Room

We have lived in our home for three weeks now.  We’ve managed to unpack most boxes, sell most of our old furniture and buy some new items.  Honestly, I think I’m not only impatient in general, but in a hurry for this house to feel like home.

Yesterday, I shared photos of the kitchen.  Check them out if you missed them.

Here is the basic overall design vision for the main rooms that I posted a couple of days before we moved in.  Several things have changed, but overall, we’re still on this general track.


We have not at all completed the main rooms, so please take that into consideration as you view these images.  However, I didn’t want to keep you in the dark.  I wanted to share with you where we are and where we are going.

First, we put down a neutral palette.  I believe in doing this so that you can easily make changes to color later on.  We kept the builders neutral wall color (for now), added an almond colored sectional that we already owned.  Then, an ivory and camel shag rug.  And, for the tv stand, we used a redone dresser painted in Old World White, from a local antique shop.    It’s my favorite piece in the house right now.


In addition to that, we added a metal end table from Restoration Hardware along with a white end table. All still neutral. The throw is charcoal gray and the lamps are shades of gray, ivory and taupe.


I already had the decorative balls/ container for the coffee table.  Other accessories such as the antlers are also neutral.

As you establish the neutral base, be sure to vary the textures.  This makes it interesting to the eye.

After this base was established, I began to layer in color.  This is layered in via the ceiling, throw pillows, antique books, etc so far.  This allows for optimal flexibility later on.  Keep in mind that this room is NOT finished.


We still need to add curtains, a sunburst over the mantle and garden stools flanking the fireplace.  I also may still paint the coffee table and more pillows are on their way!


What are we going for?  A mix of glamour/ sophistication, rustic, and industrial.  A bit of a Restoration Hardware feel.

You can really see the neutral base here.


There is that awesome custom sofa table.  I do realize the lamp cord is showing on the right.  Since these are just progress photos, I didn’t worry about it.  I also still have fabric samples on the sofa table.  And, the truth is, I’ll probably rework the accessories before it’s all over.

To see what our previous family room looked like, go to the tour page on the blog.

And here are some quick drawings of where we are thinking we’ll go with it once we add curtains and art over the fireplace.   Color of the curtains?    Navy and ivory… but the shade of navy is still to be determined.  I’m on a fabric hunt.  It should be somewhere between the ceiling and pillow color.  However, if you know of any awesome navy fabric in that range in a linen blend for $15 a yd or under, let me know!

Ceiling-041curtains Ceiling-234withsunburst

Since taking these photos, I got the sunburst mirror and it’s now above the mantle and I love it!  So, I’ll take a photo of it soon.

I didn’t put it in the drawing, but we still have pillows to add (some are ordered) and garden stools.


However, do you know how much seamstresses charge for pinch pleated, lined, striped curtains?!  A lot.  So, this idea may be out.

So, instead, we could do this version of blue and white curtains, with solid ones in the breakfast room as originally planned.  It’s a little busy, but we’d make sure to keep the rest of the room less busy.

Ceiling-041curtains2  Ceiling-122curtains2

Or, if that seems too busy, we could go with solid gray/ greige/ taupe.


Still kicking the curtain thing around.  What do you like?

And, here is the kitchen again, so you can get a feel for the two rooms flowing together.  I still need to add wheat grass on the bar and curtains in the breakfast room.


I hope to show you where we are with the breakfast room soon.  It has the most changes from the original design.  For example, we’re using the faux bamboo chairs in the formal dining and chose acrylic chairs for the breakfast room.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our progress so far!   You should notice that this is VERY (completely) different than the family room at our last home.


Update – Post with much more progress in this room goes up on Tuesday, 6/26/12!


  1. You have done an incredible job for only three weeks. We have moved many, many times and it’s sooo much work! The house is looking good, you sure are organized;)

  2. Love that white dresser!! Amazing find!

    You’re living room is looking great. I can’t believe how much you’ve done in such a short period of time!

  3. Thanks for the progress pics and your explanation of your process was very helpful! I enjoy following along on your decorating journey, rather than you waiting until everything is all perfect to show us! (Although it’s looking really good now!) I say go for that bright color on your coffee table!

  4. Love your direction, Kristy! That dresser is the perfect media console and a traditional piece mixed in is one of my favorite looks! What about the solid color drapes with the blue patterned as trim? Wonderful job!

  5. You are making great progress!! I’m loving either the stripe or patterned curtains in ther, but I know whatever you end up going with will look amazing :)

  6. It’s coming along so nicely! We’ve been in our house for months and I havent even touched the living room… oops…

  7. WOW it is SO different from your old living room! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together – and I LOVE that dresser you found!! Beautiful!

  8. I actually like the solid curtains best. Maybe the patterned ones if the scale is going to be smaller than what the Photoshop pic shows cause it kind of competes with the pillows with the big scale. Same for the striped curtains with the boldness. It all looks great though; I’m so excited for you!

    • Yeah exactly. That’s something I’ll have to weigh out with scale in person… there are several fabrics that I plan to try… and I may end up changing pillows even… We’ll see how it plays out. I’ve already taken off things from the sofa table.

  9. I LOVE the “busy” curtains. Very pretty, adds a punch.

  10. Love what you’ve done in only three weeks time! The dresser for the tv is beautiful!

  11. You are moving in a warp speed! I LOVE the dresser as a media console. The printed drapes are a bold statement but very sophisticated in your neutral space. Congrats on your progress.

  12. I love your plan, and it’s already shaping up perfectly. That navy ceiling is totally stealing my heart!

  13. The room is coming together nicely. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the cord until you pointed it out LOL I was surprised to see a neutral rug in the room, thought you were going for color on that one, but I like it. A room is always revolving, and you haven’t been in there very long, so I am sure things will get changed up a lot while you get to know the feel of the space. Love seeing the progress!

  14. Everything is beautiful so far. I love, love, love the blue ceiling. I might have to sneak that in one weekend when my husband is gone.

    I have to tell you about curtains my daughter made. They look like pinch pleated but they are not. You make a regular pair of drapes with a very deep rod pocket at the top. But then on the back, you add tabs (not to the top, but behind the rod pocket). Then whenyou slide the rod though the tabs and slide them open the curtains pinch pleat. She has woven shades behind her curtains and it looks great. We saw this technique at a local fabric store and were surprised how well it turned out. Let me know if you want pictures. They were her first drapery panels and they are beautiful.

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