Where Have I Been?

We moved into our new house that we just purchased in Austin and I’ve been busy!   Busy unpacking and busy with installments of different kinds such as the water softener, and so on!  Working my booty off.

Here is a little bit of progress that I’ve made.

Guest Room-043

We used pillows that had been on the master bed and family room sofa.  We’ll use the curtains (ivory) from the master bedroom.  The sunburst was in the guest room before.  The blue and silver art was taken from the family room.

I love shopping from my own house.  Do you do that?   That’s why it’s great to have similar colors in several rooms.

Another angle, as you look towards the bathroom.

Guest Room-025

It’s the guest room at the new house.  Yes, the sheets are wrinkled, but they are clean!  :)  I plan to get a white/ off-white comforter and shams, but haven’t done that yet.  It’s not fully accessorized yet, either.  And, I have curtains to hang.  But, it’s the most finished thing in the house at the moment.

Essentially, it’s ready for guests.  And, there is a jack and jill bathroom that you can get a glimpse of in the second photo.  So, because the next room over is a workout room, guests essentially have their own bathroom.

Go easy on me, though, we have only lived here for one week!  All but 8 boxes are unpacked inside, but we haven’t started on the garage at all.  There is still a long list of things that I need to do!   But, I’m plugging away at it.

So far, we love the house!  From the backsplash (we didn’t have one before) in the kitchen to the wood floors to the granite counters in the bathroom to the pot filler… and so on.  Loving it, but I’m sooo impatient with getting organized and settled… and decorated!  Are you like that?

How long does it take you to unpack?  To decorate?

I’ll show you more of the new house and how it’s progressing as I can!  What have you been up to?



  1. Looks like you are getting things done pretty quick if you ask me. I will admit that I still have a few boxes in the closet from last year that are not unpacked yet. :)

  2. Unpacking is hard. I had about 70 people coming over two weeks after I moved in for my father’s memorial when I moved here. It was a crazy time of unpacking.

  3. You are so organized. Can you send me your address? I have a little something for you. Ann

  4. So exciting to be able to start with a clean slate! Can’t wait to see the rest, but take your time, don’t kill yourself decorating :)

  5. You’ll totally get there! I’m no fun when it comes to unpacking a house after a move. I want it all unpacked yesterday, ha!

  6. Yea! We’re glad you are back but totally understand your absence! I love how organized you are and that is so great that you sell your leftovers. Whenever you move in to a new house some things work and some things don’t. Have fun finishing a few more rooms! I look forward to seeing them as you finish.

  7. welcome back home! hope you are enjoying ‘weird austin’ and praying your evil allergies stay away!!!

  8. You are making great progress! But I know how you feel! Decorating takes forever! And since we upgraded in size (and style) I feel like it’s taking me forever to unpack and decorate because I have to buy more stuff!

  9. Umm, I’ve been in this house 3 1/2 years and there are still plenty of blank walls around here!

    Your house is looking good already!

  10. I can’t believe how finished it looks already! Slow down! :)

  11. Hi! I randomly came across your blog and Pinterest profile tonight and I love your style so I started following your boards (my profile name is ellezen). I also just moved to Austin, Texas (from Atlanta, Georgia) about a month ago and I’m just now trying to pull the decor together. I noticed that you are selling quite a few items and I was wondering where you have them listed?

  12. So I would like to walk through that room and treat it like Home Goods. Is that ok? I love your stuff! Beautiful colors and shapes. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  13. I think you are moving along very fast, Kristy! It took me months, & I’m still pulling things together. At least The Man & I are having fun doing it.

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