A Few New Painted Chairs

Below are a few new chairs, a sofa and an ottoman that were painted by readers, using my method.  Enjoy!

And, if you are curious about other methods, Thursday is week three for my series on Simply Spray – find out if it works, what it works best on and what its limitations are!

Me and Jilly.  This is their second painted upholstery project.  The first was the floral chaise gone neutral.  These chairs turned out just as great!   She said, “the painted fabric becomes almost vinyl-like, making cleaning it a snap.”
image_thumb[6] image

Oak Ridge Revival.  She reported that the toughest part was getting into the creases.  She worked it in with her hands.  Be prepared to get messy!
image_thumb2 image_thumb3[1]

Reader Without a Blog (Hannah).  This reader said “the only thing that I did differently was to spritz on the last coat with a regular spray bottle. The brush just wasn’t getting an even enough coat. Perhaps it had to do with the nubbiness of my fabric, or how dark it originally was. I did think an unexpected plus was that the fabric tightened up a bit. Again, this may have been due to the thickness of the fabric.”
IMG_5229_thumb2 IMG_5246_thumb1

From another reader without a blog (Carolyn).   She said she spent about $25 (3 quarts) in paint (with some paint left over) and $21 for fabric medium. With $20 for the couch, still well under $100 for the couch total.
IMG_2576-2 IMG_0737-3

Hope you enjoyed seeing the new painted chairs.  Be sure to check out the new page on my blog that has them all in one place.   Let me know if you’ve tried this or if you see chairs out in blogland that I should add to the list of examples!



  1. Wow!!!! I love what you have done. I have a beautiful settee in a horrible floral fabric that I want to paint white with a thick black stripe running down the center… I just need to find the time to do it…

  2. Awesome – thanks for sharing!

  3. This makes my want to paint my camelback sofa – if only I could paint away the tear in the cushion! P S Love the stripe on those French chairs!

  4. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. And I love seeing what other people do.

  5. vicki anthony

    I have a chair that belonged to my husbands grandmother, I would so love to try and paint it, but at the same time I am afraid I will mess it up. Where can you but the spray paint. Or whick works better to brush it on or to spray it?

    • It really depends on things like if you are covering a pattern, going lighter or darker, and so on. If you read my first two posts on Simply Spray, that may help. A third one comes out at 2am CST in the morning. If you still have questions, let me know!

  6. barb in east tennessee

    Wouldn’t you know it !!
    We’ve had a beautiful avacado green velvet winged back chair in the garage forever !!
    Would you believe that last week my hubby hauled the chair off to Goodwill !! ARUUUGGGH
    That chair was in such good condition……after all, avacado is slightly an aged color, nobody
    wanted it in their living room.
    The chair could have been rescued by painting it !! It would have been wonderblus.

  7. I really want to try this. but I’m worried about spraying the legs and frame after you’ve painted the fabric. Seems like it would be very hard not to mess up the fabric even if you’ve taped it off. What is your secret to that? so happy I found you.

    • Know what way the wind is blowing. :) In addition to the tape, put cardboard out to the sides like there is a wall that blocks the rest of the chair. Hope that helps.

  8. I am deciding what method to try, latex, acrylic or the combination. Is there a difference in the softness after?

  9. Does this work with a chair that has texture and not velvety?

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