Color My World – Last Week (5)

Today is week 5 for the Color My World Challenge.  That means it’s time for you to share and for me to summarize.

Color My World Challenge is a series that challenges us to insert a new color into our home’s decor.

Examples of Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 3rd
Using Navy in Decor – Tuesday, April 10th
Using Navy with Paint – Tuesday, April 17th
Using Navy with Fabric – Tuesday, April 24th
✓Show all three elements and say if you liked the color or not – Tuesday, May 1

Readers are invited to post links to the color they added to their homes on the link party at the end of this post. Those photos (and links to blogs) will appear on all 18 of the series participant blogs.

My color was navy.  How did I add navy to my home?  And, how’d I like it?

First, was the art project (décor).  I do like it, though the color of the matting is a little too purple toned (indigo) for what I’m ulitimately doing, so I’ll probably eventually change it out.  Otherwise, really nice and it was free!  It’s in the half bath, so I don’t really mind it for now.


Second, I had our family room ceiling painted in Loyal Blue by Sherwin Williams!  Looks awesome.  We love it!


Third, I wanted to add navy curtains in the family room.  FAIL.  Having striped curtains made was beyond my budget.  And, I never found affordable fabric (substitute for the stripes) that I truly loved in the room.  So, decided to make gray and white striped curtains for the room out of shower curtains!  Will post on that some day soon.

However, I do have navy in the form of fabric on those chevron pillows that you see there that I added to the room, from the master bedroom at our old house.


Did I like the navy overall?

I liked it so much I am adding more!    I painted our yellow faux bamboo dining chairs blue!  Yep, I’m painting in the garage and nope, the blue is not as dark as it looks.   The chairs will go in the breakfast room.


A bit of a better shot of the color and a sneak peek.  Ignore the items on the table.  We’re putting up custom curtain rods and those are the pieces…


And, that’s a sneak peek at our new breakfast room rug.

What color did you add to your home?  Do you like it?  Post a link to your blog or photos here!


  1. I think your chairs were meant to be navy! They look great.

  2. LOVE the color on those chairs and the ceiling is my favorite project! It looks so amazing.

  3. The chairs look awesome navy!!! Loving how everything is coming together in your new house :)

  4. Love the navy, love the ceiling, and LOVE the chairs. I would say you were very successful with navy!

  5. I love navy! Those chairs look awesome, and I love the ceiling!

  6. Kristy, can’t wait to see the grey & white striped curtains, and the blue of those chairs is so pretty!

  7. I love the navy. Those chairs look awesome!

  8. I haven’t finished painting my projects yet, but I’ve been adding splashes of teal and red to our living room!

  9. Love the navy! I think the chairs will look fabulous in blue and the curtains in gray, it’s all coming together! I had fun doing this challenge with you!

  10. oh my lord, those chairs are awesome!!!!

  11. Annette {One Perfect Room}

    Love, love, love the chairs! I still swoon every time I see them. You lucky girl!

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