Fun Finds – Cowgirls and Lace, IKEA

This weekend, we went to my nephew’s wedding that was set on a gorgeous Texas ranch.  Hence the new profile photo.

Being able to attend such weddings is definitely a perk to living in Texas again!  We were thrilled to have gorgeous weather after a week of storms.  Isn’t it a great setting?

Here are some items I recently found at a local Dripping Springs store (another fun TX spot), Cowgirls and Lace, as well as some IKEA finds.

Phone-177 Phone-178

Phone-180 Phone-181

Phone-183 Phone-184

Phone-186 Phone-189

Phone-194 Phone-195

Phone-198 Phone-200

Phone-201 Phone-202

Phone-204 Phone-205

Look at the photo on the right at SOME of the fabric samples that they have at Cowgirls and Lace.

Phone-206 Phone-208

And, IKEA.

Phone-219 Phone-223

Phone-350 Phone-228

Phone-232 Phone-239

Phone-240 Phone-242

The well-known Expedit shelf is on the left.  I just loved the hot pink wall color on the right.  The white pops against it.

Phone-251 Phone-259

Phone-273 Phone-277

Phone-281 Phone-300

Phone-302 Phone-307

Phone-328 Phone-333

Phone-335 Phone-339

Phone-347 Phone-348

Did you know IKEA had persian style rugs or cowhide rugs?  Did you know they had glass lamp bases?   I purchased one item on this post.  Care to guess what it was?



  1. Hmm… Maybe the clear chair? That could just be because that’s what I want right now :D

  2. Just noticed your new profile pic – LOVE!

  3. I was at Ikea a few weeks ago and loved all the new stuff they have in the store. That Cowgirls and Lace store looks amazing too!

  4. Oh, all of that fabric…heaven! I saw a zebra cowhide 1 time at Ikea, and have looked for another every time I’ve been back, ready to purchase. No luck yet! What a picture perfect (literally!) setting for the wedding, and your new pic is just too cute!

  5. Wow, I would go crazy in Cowgirls and Lace! Of course, Ikea has a lot to offer, just in a different way. Your pic is adorable!


  6. Gorgeous setting for a wedding. My daughter’s was outdoors – love outdoor weddings! The sky is perfect! Fabulous shopping – I love IKEA! The glass based lamps are lovely! I’ll have to check out the rugs – perhaps it is time for a road trip – I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  7. The red chair with the upholstery with circles at Cowboys and Lace. Or, the map pillow.

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