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Once only seen in libraries and charming old-fashioned hardware stores, rolling ladders are popping up all over the house. These handy ladders allow homeowners to add storage and display space all the way up to the ceiling of a room. Here’s a look at how architects and designers are putting them to good use in a variety of spaces.

D-House modern kitchen

modern kitchen design by boston interior designerBunker Workshop

Look at your kitchen cabinets. How much room is in between the top of the upper cabinets and the ceiling? Not only is this wasted space, but chances are the dead bugs and dust bunnies have collected up there, and it’s tough to access for cleaning. Taking the cabinets all the way to the ceiling is the smart way to go, but you will need access to your new storage spot’s soaring heights.

A library ladder adds an interesting architectural element to all styles of kitchens while allowing easy access to the uppermost cabinets. In this particular design, Bunker Workshop has turned the challenge of the railing into a bonus. They left an open cubby, lined it with identical canning jars and lit it up, creating a carefully edited, eye-catching design element in a very streamlined kitchen.

b+h contemporary home office

contemporary home office design by san francisco architectBraytonHughes Design Studios

In most home offices, storage space is at a premium. You may be missing prime storage opportunities closer to the ceiling. A library ladder will help you take full advantage of every inch.

Speaking of smart storage, look very closely at those cabinets on the right – can you see where the desk came from? Two free-standing desks have a storage area underneath the counter and atop those long file cabinets, and both can be tucked away to create more space in the room. Is that clever or what?

Mudroom with Library Ladder traditional entry

A mudroom is another spot where maximizing storage will keep clutter from spreading to the rest of the house. Store seasonal items and holiday decorations up high. This way, you won’t have to climb the ladder as often.

The two most common top slide ladders are roll type and hook slide. The roll type attaches the ladder to the rod permanently, while the hook slide allows the ladder to be removed for storage or to be used along another track.

Take a look up and see if you’re missing out on any lofty storage opportunities. A rolling ladder may be the solution for you.

Find more eclectic storage inspiration from Austin interior designers and more design professionals at Houzz.

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