How-To Make Striped Curtains from Shower Curtains

Tada, my new striped curtains. I love them.


They are made from shower curtains from West Elm.  I sewed two together to make each panel, so the panels would be long enough.


What you will need:
Measuring tape
Shower curtains (do math to decide how many you need for your room)
Thread in the color of the shower curtain
Sewing machine
Rods/ Brackets/ Hardware for Curtain Rods
Rings with Hooks to hang them

1. I purchased four shower curtains.  I needed four because shower curtains come in 74 inch lengths and the windows I wanted to make panels for were 11 ft from floor to ceiling. So two per window it was. The great thing is that shower curtains also come wide (72 inches). So, there would be more width than the usual 54 inch curtain width.

2.  Lay the shower curtains out to make sure the stripes will fall in the right spots when they are sewn together.  I folded them over in order to make it fall just right and all but the top and bottom stripes are the same size.   At the same time, measure to find where the length that you need will fall on the curtains.  Make sure they are long enough.


3.  Once you get it just right, mark the spots/ write down the measurements.

4. Iron them.


5.  Carefully mark where you will need to sew and where you need to cut.  I used a plastic sewing measuring board thingy and sewing chalk.



6.  Cut along the line you drew.  I chose to cut about half an inch past where I’d be sewing in order to have room for a hem.


7.  If you have a serger, use it to stitch up the raw edges.  If not, you can use the stitch highlighted on my machine (or something similar) below to seal up those edges and insure that they do not fray.


8. Lay them on the floor with the right sides facing each other and wrong sides facing the floor and you.


9.Line them up just right and pin.


It should look something like this if you flip it back over.  That way you can double check your work.


10.  Sew along your marks that you lined up when you pinned them together, right side down.  Keep the right sides together when you sew.  Sew slowly.

11.  Iron the seam you just made down flat.  This is an important step.  Do not skip it.

12.  Time to put the rods up.  We chose the Allen and Roth customizable components from Lowe’s.  You screw rods together to create the size you need.  We also got brackets, finials, and rings.


Here are the rods.


13.  Hang the curtains on the clips that are attached to the rings.  Tada!  You have new curtains.


Enjoy!  Email me if you make them!



  1. They look great, Kristy!!

  2. I love those and they turned out great! That seems much easier than other tutorials on striped curtains. Also love your new profile pic, so pretty!

  3. Ingenious! What an awesome way to get what you want without spending a ton of extra money!

  4. Love these curtains! I was thinking about doing something similar for my son’s room – was dreading the thought of having to paint on the stripes! This is a much better option, thanks!

  5. Such a great idea Kristy! Great tutorial as well. Love the new profile picture as well, you have a model figure :)

  6. I will never look at shower curtains the same way again!

  7. Hi, Kristy. After reading this post, I went to Lowe’s to find the curtain rods that you mentioned, but I couldn’t find them at my Lowe’s. I live here in Austin (Northwest near Cedar Park), so I figured I would be able to find them. Can you tell which Lowe’s you found them at, or if they were located in a different section from the other curtain rods? I am in desperate need of these rods (My curtains keep getting suck on the seam in the extendable rod that I have. Opening and closing them is actually breaking my ring hooks!) Thanks, so much!

    • I have purchased these at Lowe’s in Phoenix as well as the Lowe’s here in Austin. I specifically went to the Brodie Lane/ Wm Cannon Lowe’s. However, just a couple of weeks ago, I bought out all that they had! So, I am not sure if that store has restocked. But, most Lowe’s that I’ve ever been to has had them. They are on the aisle with the regular curtain rods. I’d call around. Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks! I will call around. Are they actually called “Allen and Roth customizable components”? I want to make sure they know what I am talking about when I call. Thank you, again!

  9. Thank you again, for giving me more information about the rods. I have seen these at my local Lowe’s. So they can just be screwed into one another to make any desired length?

  10. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have a ridiculously wide front window and I have the hardest time finding panel to fit.. this is a perfect solution!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you link up this evening!
    Please don’t forget to put my button somewhere on your blog :)

  11. You’ve been featured at The DIY Dreamer!! Come grab your Featured button :)

  12. looooooooove these curtains! Really LOVE them! What a fab idea! I’m stopping by from the DIY Dreamer linky follower!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  13. They turned out great…..and I have used those rods also. They are inexpensive and look wondful.

  14. Love the curtains. Also love the lamp and circle side table. Where are those from? If you don’t mind sharing. Thx

    • The side table was from Craigslist and we painted it white. It was black. I saw one just like it the other day at Marshall’s though. The lamps are from Homegoods. So unique, huh? Thanks for the sweet comment!

  15. Love them!! I am doing something similar with a shower curtain for my bedroom windows – but I’m nervous they will be too thin. Did you line yours?

    • No, I didn’t. It really just depends on the shower curtain. I’d hold it up to the window, a little bunched up, and see if too much light comes through. Then, based on what you are going for in the space, decide. Hope that helps.

  16. I made these same curtains but used West Elm’s king duvet in the same horizontal stripe. Both sides of the duvet were striped. I cut the duvet into two 54″ panels per side then lined each with good white lining fabric. I needed aprox. 96″ in length. At about $75 per duvet that makes four panels each at about $30 lined. Love the look!

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