I Have a Thing For… Metallic Rugs

I saw this Medlin Rug in Anthracite on One Kings Lane recently and wanted it so bad, but I waited to make sure my hubby was on board.  By that time, it sold out!  I was so bummed.


What I loved is the metallic threads that are interspersed as well as the distressed feel.  This gave a brand new twist to the traditional persian rug.

This past week, when trying to find the perfect rug for my family room, I visited Home Depot as a last resort.  To my surprise, I found they had really stepped up their rug collection!  Now, most have to be special ordered and honestly, they aren’t inexpensive.  But, there is a good selection!  I found these metallic rugs there that I love.   When I say metallic, I mean just a slight sheen seen in certain lights, not overbearingly metallic.

First, the So Silky rug.  It comes in Salt and Pepper and Gray.  And, yes, it has to be the most silky rug I’ve ever felt.

A quick photo from my phone on the left and the one from their website on the right.

Rugs-006  image

Second was the Mirage Gray rug

Rugs-007 image

And, lastly, we have the City Sheen rug which is much more textural.  It was a shag with thick and thin threads.

Rugs-009  image

I ordered the last one…  and will let you know if it works in the room.  If not, the first one is my plan B.

What do you think of metallic sheen rugs?



  1. Im loving metallic rugs alot lately…I liked yours and I liked the second one too…I need 2 rugs for my formal living dining room…do you think I can have one metallic and one not?

  2. They’re pretty! I don’t think they’d work in my house but I like them!

  3. I would love them I know! I can’t wait until you receive it and then share your thoughts. Your home is looking sooooo pretty! I haven’t been around a lot, unfortunately, but trying to catch up. Lots been going on here.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

  4. I haven’t seen these before – how cool!

  5. Jessica Montagliani

    Too funny!!!! We bought one just like the one you are getting but its a shade lighter…almost a lighter gray shag from home depot and I thought it was about $300 or maybe $400 for our family room and I love it!!! You are doing so awesome!!! Also you can never go wrong with shag…I love love them…one in our family room and now up in the front of our house in our foyer!!!

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