Painted Faux Bamboo Chairs


Below is a quick before of the chairs.  I thought about taking a photo as I was starting to paint, so one chair is missing and the room is pretty messy.  And, looks darker than it really is, perhaps because it’s a phone pic.


The images that were on Craiglist when I bought them.  I bought them for $300 for the set of six chairs and the table.  I later sold the table for $375.  So, I essentially got the chairs for free, or got paid to take them – however you want to see it.  I did then have to buy paint and new cushions, though.  So, that cost about $120.  Once I added that cost in, in total, I paid about $45 out of my pocket for the set of six chairs.


Yep, that’s about right – they sure were bright yellow!  Those photos are accurate.

Here is an image that I took as I was spray painting in the garage.  I used Valspar’s Indigo in Gloss.  It comes in “The Perfect Finish” and the can of paint can spray at any angle.  The blue looks a little darker than it really is in this photo.

I chose this bright, yet deep blue because it matches the ceiling that I painted in the adjacent family room very well.


And, now?!

And, a slightly better view without all the clutter on the table.  Yet, the lighting is very bad due to backlight.  I promise to get a better photo later.


I know, the table isn’t centered – will do soon!  Just pulled my back out, so have to wait until the hubby is around for that.



The fiddle leaf fig is still surviving.   Curtains are up.  Rug is in.  I am hoping to get a chandy put in, but also have to get the wiring installed first in order to do that.

Originally, I was going to take them to a professional and have the chairs sandblasted and then repainted.  That would cost me about $400 for the set of 6 chairs!  So, I decided why not try painting them myself first and if it doesn’t work well, I can go back to plan A.

Though the paint went on very well and has a near perfect finish and the color is awesome, it is chipping some/ scratching easily.  So, I may still end up investing the $400 in order to get them done right.  But, it’s a quick fix to test out a color at the very least.  And, who knows, maybe it will last better than I think.  So, worst case scenario, I’ll have $445 in for six chairs, which is just about $75 a chair.  Still not too bad.  Especially since as you could see in the post below this one, a similar chair at Williams Sonoma is selling at the outlet for $349 each.

I did not sand or prime, both of which I think would have been the right thing to do, but this did work…  alright.  I just wiped them down and painted, since it was plan b anyway.

What do you think?


Update:  They are now sealed with poly and good to go!


  1. Love the chairs and the color!

  2. They look fabulous! Love the color. I am still searching craigslist daily for these chairs, but so far, no luck. So, I am still slightly envious, but really happy for you :)

  3. The yellow wasn’t so bad.

    But the blue is amazing.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. Kristy, they turned out great, what a steal! Love the color, and your rug!

  5. Love them! and I have been scouring Craigslist for some too .. but I haven’t been lucky like you :0(

  6. Love the table and the chairs~awesome job!

  7. SOOOOO fun! love them!

  8. They look so much better! I hope they hold up! Maybe you could spray them with a spray poly??

  9. Seriously!!! I’m totally green with envy! It’s a beautiful room! And those chairs….!

  10. Gorgeous! The whole space looks fantastic Kristy! The blue is the perfect pop of color.

  11. I think I am jealous of you and your wicked finds.

  12. I need to get back on craigslist and cross my fingers because I would love to score some fabulous chairs just like yours!!! I love bamboo chairs and have not stumbled upon any but think you renewed my energy to get searching again!!

  13. Maybe they didn’t “cure” long enough? Keep them, they will distress nicely, or you can repaint them later. Ann

  14. Looks great! The room is really coming together.

  15. Love them!!
    Applying a coat or two of spray oily will definitely stop the scratching / chipping. I do it to any spraypaint job without fail.

  16. They look so great in there! Love that you sold the table for more than the set – go Kristy!

  17. They turned out wonderful! Paint takes 3 weeks to cure, so they might stop chipping and scratching after that time. But you probably should of at least primed them lol Love how they turned out! Are you not doing striped curtains in there any more? It sure is coming together Kristy.

    • Thanks! I know, right! I think I’ll do a coat of poly soon… that helped the art I made and it hasn’t chipped since. But yep, did the stripes in the adjacent room – the family room! I’ll show them soon.

  18. The chairs look great! Love Craigslist. You are a super shopper, Kristy.

    Is ‘spray oily’ a typo or really some kind of product?

  19. Love the color! I think they look wonderful. Perhaps touch up the scratches and then seal them? That should do it I would think.


  20. Lol! Kristy!!! I can’t believe you didn’t at least sand first! :-) But really…..the color and price are just awesome!!!

    • I know… but there are so many nooks and crannies, I thought this was worth and try and then, I’d have them done professionally. Even with paint, I had to do like 5 coats because I kept missing litle angles.

  21. Great color and the chairs are really nice.

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