Quick Tip for Shower Curtains

Yesterday, we talked about how short curtain panels can be, as they come mostly in 84 inch lengths.  Well, have you ever thought about shower curtains?  They come in 72 inch lengths!

Yes, bathroom ceilings are normally a bit shorter, but 72 inches is not very tall.  What can you do?  Use those 84 inch length curtain panels (or longer) instead!  I’m not against regular shower curtains.  I have one in one of my bathrooms, but I like the longer panels as I think they give a more polished feel.


I used IKEA curtains at 96 inches for our guest bathroom which is a jack and jill bath between the guest room and workout room.   It’s not a great photo, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to photograph such a tiny space.


Anyway, using curtain panels allows the decorative shower curtain (not liner) to go from floor to ceiling which is nice. You can see where the usual rod is and I still put a liner on that rod.

Another example that is better photographed than my own?


Have you done this for any of your bathrooms?  What do you think?



  1. Great tip! It drives me crazy how short they are!

  2. I’ll definitely be doing this in one of our bathrooms! I love the drama of the shower curtain being higher!

  3. Kristy, I would be delighted if you used my chair makeover. And great tip on the shower curtains. I have always used regular curtains as shower curtains. I didn’t see why not since you use a liner anyway. I even had velvet ones in my old house. :) Have a wonderful, wonderful week. xo

  4. Very cute. It’d come in handy in our bathroom where there is a window in the shower. A window in the shower?! At least the neighbors wouldn’t see us using the toilet.

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