Simply Spray Series – Painting Upholstery – Week 1

I met with Emily, Simply Spray’s rep, a couple of weeks ago.  She had contacted me to see if I wanted to try their paints since a large section of my blog is devoted to painting upholstery.  I jumped on the opportunity because Simply Spray’s upholstery paint was something I considered when deciding what method I wanted to use to paint my chair.


I learned a great deal from our meeting and she generously offered samples while I offered to do some projects so I could let you guys know a little more about their paints!

We’ll be touching on things in this order.

✓Week 1 – This week – Introduction
Week 2 – Painting a pillow from the original chair and comparing it to the original
Week 3 – Painting pool umbrellas
Week 4 – Painting a patio furniture set
Week 5 – Conclusions

During these weeks, we’ll talk about the difference between Simply Spray and my method.  And, then I’ll sum it all up in the end.

How is my painted chair holding up after 15 months and two moves?


Great!  The fabric is a little softer on the seat than it was at first, from use.  But, nothing else has changed.  No fading, no staining clothing, nothing.  I sat in it almost daily at the rental (so for a few months) though now it’s back to very occasional use and sits in the master bedroom.

My second painted chair that lived in my craft room for a while held up equally as well.  I’m so glad the hours of work that were put into it were worth it!

It was recently purchased by a local photographer, Amber Lee Photography.  She sent some photos with it, which I adore!

jpg (1 of 1)-4

jpg (1 of 1)-5

You can find Amber on Facebook as well.

jpg (1 of 1)-4

So you aren’t left hanging, I thought I’d at least share at least a couple of basics that I learned about Simply Spray.

- It’s more of a stain/ dye than a paint.  So, it will not turn things a lighter color than they currently are.  You can only go darker.  That also means it will not cover stains or patterns well.

- It is non-toxic and safe for children and pets.  That is much better than other paints.  In fact, it has no real smell.  I’m very sensitive to smells and didn’t react to this at all.

For more tips and thoughts on this spray paint for upholstery, stay tuned!  If you’ve used it, feel free to chime in!  Also, let me know how this information affects your projects.



  1. Can’t wait to see how this stuff works!

  2. I just ordered some in carribean blue. Can’t wait til it gets here. I’ve got the perfect living room chair waiting for it. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Carribean blue is very close to Ocean Soul that I used. Within a shade or two. CB is a bit lighter and a bit brighter. Let me know how it goes!

  3. What about painting or dying a dark leather chair? Can that be done?

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