Simply Spray Series – Painting Upholstery – Week 3

We’ve made it to week three!  This means it’s time to really stretch Simply Spray’s capabilities to see just what its boundaries are!


Week 1 – Introduction
Week 2 – Painting a pillow from the original chair and comparing it to the original pillow
✓Week 3 – Painting pool umbrellas
Week 4 – Painting a patio furniture set
Week 5 – Conclusions

Then, after the series is over, I’ll host a giveaway from Simply Spray.

During these weeks, we are talking about the difference between Simply Spray and my method, as well as what I think of Simply Spray, how it’s best used and tips.

Before we talk about my painting our pool umbrellas, I must point out that Simply Spray does NOT imply it can be used on such an item.  It says it is to be used on absorbent fabric.  Well, most umbrellas are not absorbent.  Mine is certainly not.  But, I wanted to see if it’d work anyway!  I like to really test things out.

This was my extremely sun faded pool umbrella that we used in Phoenix.  Just from a few hours in the sun (we didn’t leave it out every day), it looked like this!  That Phoenix sun is so harsh.  Wait until you see my patio cushions.


It essentially had white or light gray stripes all around from fading while it was collapsed down, yet in the sun.

I began painting and could immediately see that the paint was sliding right off.  I mean, it looked like it was dying the fabric a bit, but just poured down the fabric.  Duh, it’s water resistant fabric.  I didn’t expect much better.

Breakfast-084 Breakfast-103

As you can see below, it’d just pool at the bottom, leaving the umbrella a little streaky, but not horrible.


After six coats on half of the umbrella, it looked like this.  I only did half – I wanted you to see the difference, but also, well, I got tired of painting… it was a lot of work for not a lot of return.  And, well, we don’t have a pool anymore!   So, I was mainly doing it to show you guys what this paint can and cannot do… mission accomplished with just half.  :)


That’s right, after six coats of paint, you could still see some fading, but it was obviously a lot better.  So, it wasn’t a total fail.  It helped.  But, would you want to do 6+ coats to see only some improvement?  I am not sure.


As I stated before, Simply Spray never said it works on umbrellas of any kind – this was my hair brained idea.  I just had to test the limits since it did so well on the pillow that I tested last week.

Truly, the texture is almost the same as before I painted it, on the pillow!   Simply Spray worked so well.  And, with only two coats, it covered very thoroughly.

But, on this… I’d say it helped, but was not truly successful.


Now you know.  Would you use it on something like this?  That is for you to decide.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Not sure what I’ll do with this umbrella that still cranks as well as the day we bought it two years ago… yet has these faded parts.  I have a second one that is not faded…  but, did I mention, I don’t have a pool any longer!  I guess I could just get stands for when we need extra shade, or save them for a table… Hmmm…

Next week, I’ll be using it on my slightly less water resistant patio furniture!  A huge project.  It is also faded from the powerful AZ sun.  So, stay tuned!   Then, on the last week, I’ll sum up all my do’s and don’ts as well as tips.

Tips for using Simply Spray so far?
- Make sure your fabric is water absorbent.
- Make sure your fabric is evenly toned as dark and light areas will continue to at least be slightly dark and light – you can see the faded area on my umbrella.
- Make sure you are only going darker in color and not lighter.
- Always test it on an inconspicuous spot or scrap piece first.

Ready for the best new yet?  Simply Spray will be GIVING AWAY 3 cans of their paint on my blog at the conclusion of this series!   Be ready to enter!!



  1. I love that you’re trying to push the limits of the spray! I’m so excited for the give away!

  2. Hi,

    I just bought an el cheapo velvet chair on Home I liked the lines- but it is dark brown and I want to paint it black. It is to pose a model.

    Is it better to use your method or Simply Spray? Thank-you!

    • Good question. It’s personal preference but if budget isn’t an issue and you are going darker, is spray it. It’s easier. Hope that helps. Just keep in mind that you may need 6-10 cans of paint.

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