Striped Curtains (from Shower Curtains) In Family Room

Curtains are up in the family room!  They are my version of the striped curtains that I originally wanted and I love them.


I had posted here about how I wanted to have navy and white striped curtains in our new family room, but how they’d cost a bundle due to all the sewing it would take.  We were talking $150-250 per panel, if they were lined.  So, I needed to find another route.

One alternative route, as seen in the post I linked to above, could have been a pattern.  That would have been alright, but I felt stuck on wanting stripes.  So, instead of having stripes sewn from two colors of fabric, I purchased four shower curtains from West Elm and sewed two together for each panel in order to get the length I needed.


That’s right shower curtains. They are gray and white striped.  I sewed two together to make each panel.

I orginally saw this done by Amanda Carol in her office.


Here is how they turned out in my home.


The room is not complete, but this is where we’re at!  I’m still working on some finishing touches such as throw pillows, an area rug, etc.


Though the curtains are hung, they are not yet hemmed.  To be honest, that may be a while.  But, it’s easy to do with a machine or stitch witchery (iron on hemming tape).



And, the breakfast room which is adjacent to the family room is also coming along and here are the white curtains from IKEA that we chose to use in it.


Still working on things, but it’s all starting to come together.  To see more of how it’s all working together, visit the tour page.

So, overall, I think they turned out great!  All for just $80 a panel (two shower curtains per panel sewn together), or total of $160.  I saved $150-340.  Whew!


Tomorrow, I will do a tutorial on making the striped curtains.  I love them!   What do you think?



  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!!!! Those look awesome!

  2. They look great in the space! Shower curtains are a STEAL by comparison.

  3. LOVE everything!! It’s looking delightful:) I didn’t realize you could get shower curtains that long… Great Idea, they look Fab!! I especially Love the way you have blended old, new, and reclaimed! Great Sofa Table ;)

    • Thank you! I just realized that I forgot to mention that I sewed two shower curtains together to make each curtain panel. :) And yep, great sofa table!!

  4. They look absolutely AMAZING!!! You would never know they were pieced together, you did such a killer job! And, I love that they’re gray instead of navy. Go Kristy, go Kristy!!!

  5. They turned out great, Kristy! Your home is coming along beautifully. It’s fun watching the progress!

  6. I love how they turned out! Great job Kristy

  7. They look amazing!! I think the gray is perfect!!!

  8. They look awesome! Way to improvise to get what you want!

  9. Those look so good in there! I can’t believe a shower curtain is that long. Wait, did you sew them together to get that length? What a great price you got by doing that. It is slowly coming together, I love how you are taking your time, researching everything and making it a home.

  10. Elizabeth@themustardceiling

    They turned out incredible Kristy! The stripes add a nice pattern to your family room. Sewing shower curtains together was a great solution. I’m happy you found the answers you were looking for, I love how they turned out.

  11. Annette {One Perfect Room}

    Lovely like always!

  12. I love what’s happening in this room! And why hem….they looked great puddled I think! xo

  13. I love them! Looks absolutely perfect in the room. Thanks for sharing about sewing 2 together…I was wondering how you got the length. :-) I’ve seen curtain panels that I loved but, like you, didn’t want to spend that kind of money. You found a great solution!


  14. Looks like a model home! You have a gift! You’d make a great decorator for model home!

  15. Im sooo behind on my blog reading! so Im just now seeing your amazing curtains! They are perfect! and your tutorial is so much more in depth than what I did. So if anyone ask me how to make these I will be sending them to your blog- mkay?
    The room is really coming together- love it!

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