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Rub N Buff

Want to turn something a metallic color?   Rub N Buff may be your answer.


It comes in 20 colors which could even be combined for custom colors.


It’s easier than spray painting and you don’t have the overspray.  It’s also inexpensive at around $5 per 1/2 oz tube.  That tiny tube covers 20 sq ft of surface area.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon.  They only had the three golds, Silver Leaf and Ebony.

Rub N Buff has been around for a while, but more and more people seem to be using it.  I used it for the first time this week.

I used Gold Leaf on my “new” Craigslist chair that sits in my entry.   Before and after?

Entry-029 Chair-001-5

Inspiration?  Stephanie’s settee over at Creative Design Inc.


Gorgeous.  Back to Rub N Buff.  Truly, you just rub it on (it’s an ointment consistency).

image image image

So, tape off anything you don’t want colored and grab a paper towel or your fingers, squirt some out and rub it on whatever you want to turn metallic.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how well it worked.  Just took a little over an hour to do the chair.   The taping took the longest.   No sanding or prepping other than cleaning the surface.

What all can you use this on?   Let’s take a look at some examples in GOLD!   Oh, and if you haven’t caught on…  gold is back!




image image


image image



Lamps. (Below, Andrea toned it down.)

image image

Of course, you can do the opposite as well and go from gold to pewter, silver and so on.  Have you used Rub N Buff?

There is one warning.  I’ve been sick for a couple of days from it.  I’m sensitive to smells and very allergic to this, apparently.  Burning eyes, sneezing, runny nose, etc.  So, if you are sensitive to such things, let your project sit in the garage for a while before bringing it inside (unlike me)!

You can use it on just about anything!  And, no sanding or prepping.


It’s Rough, But An Office Vignette

As I mentioned, there are lots of little areas of the house under construction right now.  Below, you’ll see that I have played around with some new finds from Homegoods for my husband’s office.  You’ll see boxes and such still around.

The red dog has special significance to him since he’s involved in a business venture called Red Rover.  The chair is the matching one from the family room, also acting as a space filler and one day to go into the dining room, most likely.


We moved in 3 months ago this week, but these were the only boxes in the house that remain unpacked.  Why?   When this photo was taken, the room is empty other than this little vignette.  So, not place to put the books and office supplies.

However, since then, we got a new desk.  I need to show you the desk soon.  Boxes are now all unpacked.  Every last one!

The sunburst mirror (originally in the family room) is sitting on a box ready to be hung behind the chair.

Other plans for the room?  A huge clear dry erase board like in our old office and well, since my husband is my husband (and a hunter)… animal heads.

Off to a good start?

The Simply Spray giveaway winner is:  Stacy Currant, entry 10.  Congrats!


Another Nook in Our Home

Here is another little space that I haven’t shown yet.  It’s at the top of the stairs and is a great spot for some quick studying.


It’s not complete, but it’s coming along.  I’ve already made some changes since this photo!  Figures, huh?  And, since yesterday’s post about the family room, the entry chair’s wood is now gold and the coffee table is charcoal.  You can see a quick snapshot of how the chair looks on Facebook.

That’s a little more of what we are working on here.


Family Room Progress!

We’ve made significant progress on the family room since I last posted about it.

We’ve been busy:
- Added curtains (sewn from shower curtains)
- Added an area rug (or two).  We wanted the organic feel of the cow hide rug, but the size of the 9×12 rug.
- Added pillows (and subtracted the navy chevron pillows as they competed with the curtains too much).  The greige Poetical pillows help to tie the gray and tan tones in the room.
- Added accessories such as lamps.  This helps to vary the heights in the space.
- Added new end table.  We already had the Restoration Hardware one and added the round end table.
- Added a chair, but…  it’s really for the dining table.  It’s just a place holder for now.

Family Room-197

It may be good to note that basically, we started over in this house.  We kept so few pieces from our last house that it’s easier to name what we kept than what we sold.  The Bassett sectional was one items we kept.  Nothing else in this space is from the last house.  So, it’s been a lot of work selling things from the other house as well.  But, that process has funded the “new” stuff.

Below is the last photo that I showed of this room, when we were three weeks into it.  It looked like this.

Ceiling-122  Ceiling-002

We have now lived in our home for 3 months, this week.

Family Room-149

I thought I’d throw this one in so you can see how that blue ceiling works with everything!

Family Room-218

Family Room-085

Showing a tiny bit of the fireplace wall.

Family Room-235

And, next to the fireplace is the tv console and tv.


Family Room-129

We still have four things left to do before it’s complete for now.

1.  Paint the coffee table.  Thinking gold.  Or…. hot pink?  Freen?  Probably gold…  Right now, it kind of blends with the cowhide.  But, I still love the fretwork on it!

2.  There is currently a blank 4 ft x 4 ft canvas over the fireplace.  I need to turn it into an abstract painting.

3.  Find a better chair to replace this one.  Then, put this chair back in the dining room.

4.  Add two garden stools flanking the fireplace.

You can check out our Tour page for more photos.  But, here are a few rooms together in our home.

image image

For extra fun, you can go to the Tour page and compare this family room to the last one.  Totally different.  Did I say totally?

How do you think the family room coming along?!  I’ll show you more progress in the breakfast room soon!


The Best of Austin’s Craigslist

I’m an avid Craigslister.  I sell things and buy things fairly often.  Some of my favorite things in my home were found on Craigslist.  It’s a great way to get good quality while saving money.

Here are things currently (as of this posting) listed on our local Craigslist.  Each photo links to the posting that goes with it.

image image image

image image image

image image

image image image

image imageimage

image image image

image image image

image image image

So many awesome things!  Even more that I didn’t have space to list – didn’t want to wear you out.

I hope some of you out there can snatch a few of them up!  Anything here that’d be worth putting in your home?

Tomorrow I will show you all the progress that we’ve made in our family room!    Be sure to enter that Simply Spray giveaway if you haven’t!


A Craigslist Find, Your Thoughts on Entry

Here are two of my most recent finds, but believe me, there are more… which I’ll show you in other posts, later.   But, today, let’s look at a chair that I found for our entry!   And, a railroad crossing sign (the real deal with bullet holes and everything).

I’m creating a little vignette, but obviously, it’s just kind of thrown together right now.  I’m still formulating what I want to do in the space.  Here is option #1.

New Stuff-120

See the one find?  The pretty great tufted, chartreuse green chair?  It’s from the 60s, and is in almost perfect condition.

New Stuff-126

Here is what I’m thinking at the moment – painting the wood on the chair white, hanging the circular mirror that I found at Homegoods, maybe painting the end table, and changing out the lamp shade.  I may even painting the lamp base gold.

And, here is option #2 with a more quirky table that we had on hand and the second find (from the Austin Antique Mall), the railroad sign.


From above.


Since this involves a second wall, here it is from further back.



For this option, we can leave the chair as-is or paint the wood gold.  Change out the lamp shade?  Paint anything else?

Which do you prefer?  Thoughts?  I’d love to hear what you all think!

Don’t forget to enter the Simply Spray giveaway!

I will be sharing an update on the family room soon as well as photos of our desk nook… soon followed by office photos!   Nothing complete, but further along, for sure.


Four Hands Big Sale!

Four Hands, in Austin, is having one of their big sales that they do a few times a year this weekend!  I went to the early bird sale today.   Being new to Austin, I had never been to FH.  Amazing stuff!  It’s mostly Restoration Hardware style and I love that style!  The sale had awesome prices.  Let me share some of what I saw and wish I had a spot for today.   That way, if you are local, you can be sure to go tomorrow.  They get new stuff out daily, even during the sale!

Please forgive the phone pictures.

Photo Jun 21, 10 04 30 AMPhoto Jun 21, 10 05 29 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 06 30 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 09 36 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 03 23 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 03 29 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 05 34 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 10 02 AM

Their tables were all so cool.  I neglected to get photos of some of the best ones.  The prices were great!   For instance, this 9 ft table went for $750!

Photo Jun 21, 10 08 56 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 08 14 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 09 20 AM

This table reminded me of Michelle’s at Décor and the Dog.

Photo Jun 21, 10 06 33 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 11 00 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 11 07 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 13 59 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 15 15 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 26 00 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 27 42 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 28 43 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 26 46 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 28 48 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 34 13 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 35 21 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 51 40 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 36 01 AM

Photo Jun 21, 10 36 26 AM Photo Jun 21, 10 37 29 AM

This sale is out the outlet center on Anderson.  But, they also have a retail store.  Visit their website.

I bought a few things on here.  Care to guess which ones?  One thing to note – all sales are final!


Giveaway from Simply Spray!

After a 5 week series on Simply Spray’s upholstery spray paint, I’m teaming up with Simply Spray to offer THREE CANS (a $33 value) of upholstery spray paint, in the color of your choice, to a lucky winner!


What colors are there to choose from?


In addition to the upholstery spray paint, their product line includes some fun items such as fabric paint, stencil paint, glow in the dark paint, fake blood paint, and even paint made for leather:

image image image image image

Their paint is non toxic and easy to use.  Check out my series for more information.

To Enter:

You must be a US or Canada resident.
Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d use the paint for if you won.

For additional entries (one extra entry for each of the following):
1. ‘Like’ me on Facebook and leave a comment here on the blog letting me know you did.
2.  ‘Like’ Simply Spray on Facebook and leave a comment here on the blog letting me know you did.
3. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment here on my blog telling me you did.
4. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment here on my blog telling me you did.
5. Pin one of their items on Pinterest and leave a comment here with a link to your pin.
6. Mention this giveaway on your Facebook status and leave a comment here on my blog telling me you did.

The deadline to enter is 5pm on June 27th. The winner will be chosen via and announced on June 28th.