Craft Room at New House

I’ve been working on creating my craft room in one of the bedrooms of the new house.

Craft Room-073

Let’s see the old craft room that we had our home in AZ, as it used many of the same elements.  However, it has definitely changed some!



Then, here is the office/ craft room in the rental in Austin, between homes.  As the room configuration and size changes, so does the decor.


And, Here it is in the new home, with many of the same elements, minus the large black desk, industrial stools, colorful chandelier, etc.

We added an IKEA expedit shelf behind the table for extra storage (in addition to the closet in the room) and a couple of different chairs.

I kept the peg board, but separated it.  It’s a great place to hang scissors and other tools to get them out of the way.  Then, to the right is the magnet board.  I had two of those.  Sold one.  Kept this one.  It’s great for putting drawings and such up on.   We also kept the table and rug in the room.

I’m still working on it.  These images are not perfectly styled.  Cords are showing and such.  But, I wanted to give you an idea of how it’s coming along.

New Stuff-045

I found these colorful Reader’s Digest books at Savers a couple of weeks ago.  Love them.  I layered the shelf with by putting a frame on the outside with a Command hook.

Craft Room-095

I love this table.  It’s sturdy.  Already distressed so I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or messed up.  And, it has two leaves.  that means it collapses down to a pretty small size.  I like pieces with flexibility.

New Stuff-102

This is the only remaining yellow faux bamboo chair of the bunch.  The other five are now blue, which I love.  I may leave this one yellow for a while.  What do you think?

Craft Room-120

We’re getting there!  It is usable, but not quite polished off.  It’s coming along!  Almost done!  Which craft room space do you like best?

Tomorrow is the Simply Spray giveaway!



  1. Like everything you do, it looks awesome! And, I really like the yellow chair in there.

  2. I love the bright yellow chair! This latest office is my favorite I think!

  3. Both office are great, Kristy, but I do love that pop of yellow with the chair! And I adore the wire dress form in the corner.

  4. I like the new one the best. The yellow chair looks like it belongs there. But, the Reader’s Digest Books. Those are the tabloids of the book world. They dumbed them down, and abridged them so people would read them. I think some of them have flowered covers. One blogger did something with the covers. I would cut the pages out and use them for storage of secret things. The colors are good, so you could attach them to the wall as shelves. Ann

    • But, they are a decorator’s friend. :) They have awesome designs on the covers. I bought them for the colors. Already had a few, which are in other rooms. But, so true… really dumbed down…

  5. So jealous you have a craft room! It really is a super beautiful space!

  6. Great craft room Kristy!!! I knew it would be though. For me it’s a toss up with both rooms. I love both of them! I would keep the yellow chair yellow. It adds that special POP. I get why the Readers Digest books….love it just the way they are. Your room is so neat & tidy. I love love organization & am addicted to it but you must make a mess sometimes! Maybe you don’t but I know I sure make my messes & then can’t wait to clean it up.

  7. What a great space! I love seeing the progression of the room in three different houses. The yellow chair is nice surprise in the room. I will be updating the shell of my finished basement this summer, and one side of the room will be dedicated to an office/craft area for me. I may be taking some pointers from your room. Love that table!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog via Holly’s at West Pear Ave. I am actually getting pretty excited about the lazy-boy. Free new furniture is always a good thing!

    Have a great day.

  8. What a great space for a craft room, Kristy! Stylish, happy and functional, I love your huge table! I can’t believe you’ve accomplished so much in your new home in such a short time!

  9. Kathleen Jeleel

    Kristy I have a wool rug that is black and off white. I wanted a crisp… white but when I received it guess what… Do you think that it would work to paint the off white a crisp white. I love the rug. Let me know please. I do a lot of decorateng( was a designer in Florida) I just have never painted furniture or rugs. Thanks Kathleen

    • Bummer that the off-white wouldn’t work. People have definitely painted rugs before – there are some examples on my DIY pinterest board. But, I haven’t myself. So, if you tape well, it may be possible. I am not sure. A thinner, flatter weave rug would be easier to paint, of course. I’m not positive, but I’d love to see a photo and hear about it if you try it! Good luck!

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