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So, what do you guys think about this season of Design Star so far?  Tonight’s episode is recording right now, so I’ve only seen those before tonight.  So, I’ll refer to last week – don’t give away this week quite yet!

Last week was the White Box Challenge where the designers had to take a white room and decorate it.  Usually the contestants have to get all of the supplies for the room’s décor from a specialty store like a candy store, but this year, it was pretty easy with the store being a hardware store called Osh’s.


What rooms stood out to you?  I had two very clear favorites which probably underline my love for the graphic.

Rachel, did the room below.  I love the bold colors and graphics.  Way to combine patterns!


Can you even believe she freehanded that back stencil?


My other fav was Danielle’s white box.  She even painted a sofa!  Ha!  Right up my alley, I guess.  I love the graphic part of it.  I’m still, after a number of years, very drawn to that – it’s like actual art.  I love the way it wraps around to the next wall.


Oh, and one more room worth mentioning?  Brittany’s.  You know I’m into navy and white right now.  I love how graphic it is in her room.


Love the chain chandelier and organic wood sculpture on the wall as well.


Is it me or do these white box challenges seem to come down to decorative paint techniques?  That’s the one thing you can prepare for – you always get paint to use in these challenges.

And, my least favorite?   Stanley.  I know it’s “art” and I do love a good art installation, but I don’t love the balance or composition of his art.


This past week.


So far, Rachel is my favorite.  Here is some of her portfolio work.

image image image

image image image

I am really enjoying this season and can’t wait to see the recorded episode from this week!

Overall, there is great talent and I think this was one of the best White Box Challenges ever.  Who is your favorite?



  1. Rachel is my fav too! The way she did that back wall was amazing!!

  2. agree w/ your picks from last week. think you’ll be as impressed by last night’s episode!

  3. Loving Design Star this season! They all did SO good last night!!!

  4. Totally agree with you! I always get suckered into this show!

  5. Whoa! See that middle picture in the top row, the one with the suzani like rug? That lamp is made from the hub of a wagon wheel. I have about eight of those lamps. I have been collecting them for a while. Five or six are regular table lamps, but some have no top part and the light is inside. So they are really nice outside at night. I thought Rachel’s room was interesting, but I liked Danielle’s better. Probably because it was more ordered and symmetrical, even though it was off center. You would think that these people would practice with a white box room, right? I didn’t get to record last night so I will have to wait a few days to see it.
    What do you think the next decoration trend will be? I think toile is coming back. Wait for it. Ann

    • That’s an awesome lamp! I’m jealous that you have those! Next trend… hmm… it depends on how far down the road we are talking. Soon? Large cable knits, handmade items, vintage, upcycling … Further down the road? Harder to predict. Maybe fifties decor will make more of an appearance. ? I am not sure toile really ever goes out of style. It’s so classic. But, we could see a real resurgence.

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