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One of the most common problems when decorating a room is scale.  Let’s say you want to make sure that the tv console doesn’t look too small with the sofa, or art is just the right size for a wall.   How can you know for sure?  The last thing you want is to just guess when it comes to spending money on a piece.

Have you ever purchased something that you thought would be bigger than it was when you got it, or that just wouldn’t fit in the room the way you thought it would fit?    I think we all have.

How do you remedy this? Well, besides paying close attention to measurements when you order things, I ALWAYS force advise clients to “tape it off.”   I always do this myself as well.


What I mean by “taping it off” is to physically tape off the footprint of what you ordered, based on the exact measurements.  See the blue tape on the floor in the photo above, of my formal dining room as an example of how I’ve taped something off.

Always be sure to get the exact measurements from the website or maker prior to ordering and see how it will fit in your space by using painter’s tape to mark the footprint.  Let’s take a closer look.


What are we preparing to order here?  What are we checking scale on?

Here, as you may have guessed, we were determining the exact dimensions of a custom dining table that we were planning to order.  The random looking lines inside the table footprint are the dimensions of the legs.  This gives us an idea of proportion as it pertains to the top versus the legs.  The overall dimensions help us to make sure the chairs fit fine.

Taping the foot print off also helps us to get an idea of walk way room when chairs are under table and when they are pulled out.

All of this prior to even ordering!   Gotta make sure it works.

I’ve found that this is the best way to insure that scale is right.  That is my tip for you today!

So don’t be all surprised if you come over and see painters tape all over the floor.  It’s just how we roll.  We’re also marking off a rug in the family room right now…

Now, to the fun stuff.  What type of table are we having made and when will it arrive?   Well, we patterned it off of this Restoration Hardware table, but customized some of the dimensions so it’d fit our room and chairs just right.


We ordered it back in April and it should arrive Thursday night!

We’re excited!  I will show you photos as soon as I can, talk about the process and give tips on ordering custom made furniture.


Update:  The table is now in the room!


  1. Great info Kristy……….looking forward to seeing your new table :)

  2. What a fantastic idea! Love love love the table, can’t wait to see it in the space!

  3. Ooooooo, can’t wait to see the table!!!

    The husband is good at scale. Me, not so much. He’s teaching me his ways though slowly!

  4. Loving the table!! Great idea!! Thanks for the tip.

  5. This is such and great tip and WOW! Is that going to be one fantastic dining room! Can’t wait to see that gorgeous table.

  6. Taping it off is a great idea! I love your dining room chairs, Kristy!

  7. I could have saved myself so much pain in the past had I used this tip! Great chairs too, can’t wait to see it with your new table!

  8. I *love* that table! So stylish, but so classic. Can’t wait to see how it looks in there!

  9. Love the look of that Restoration Hardware table & am sure your table will even look better. Love the super cool mix of the chairs with the table. How exciting!!!

  10. Such a good tip! And I absolutely adore that table!! :D

  11. excellent information!! I really should have done that with our gallery wall. I also LOVE the table!!

  12. It’s one of my favorite ways to get a ‘feel for it.’ Can’t wait to see that amazing table in your space!

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