Family Room Progress!

We’ve made significant progress on the family room since I last posted about it.

We’ve been busy:
- Added curtains (sewn from shower curtains)
- Added an area rug (or two).  We wanted the organic feel of the cow hide rug, but the size of the 9×12 rug.
- Added pillows (and subtracted the navy chevron pillows as they competed with the curtains too much).  The greige Poetical pillows help to tie the gray and tan tones in the room.
- Added accessories such as lamps.  This helps to vary the heights in the space.
- Added new end table.  We already had the Restoration Hardware one and added the round end table.
- Added a chair, but…  it’s really for the dining table.  It’s just a place holder for now.

Family Room-197

It may be good to note that basically, we started over in this house.  We kept so few pieces from our last house that it’s easier to name what we kept than what we sold.  The Bassett sectional was one items we kept.  Nothing else in this space is from the last house.  So, it’s been a lot of work selling things from the other house as well.  But, that process has funded the “new” stuff.

Below is the last photo that I showed of this room, when we were three weeks into it.  It looked like this.

Ceiling-122  Ceiling-002

We have now lived in our home for 3 months, this week.

Family Room-149

I thought I’d throw this one in so you can see how that blue ceiling works with everything!

Family Room-218

Family Room-085

Showing a tiny bit of the fireplace wall.

Family Room-235

And, next to the fireplace is the tv console and tv.


Family Room-129

We still have four things left to do before it’s complete for now.

1.  Paint the coffee table.  Thinking gold.  Or…. hot pink?  Freen?  Probably gold…  Right now, it kind of blends with the cowhide.  But, I still love the fretwork on it!

2.  There is currently a blank 4 ft x 4 ft canvas over the fireplace.  I need to turn it into an abstract painting.

3.  Find a better chair to replace this one.  Then, put this chair back in the dining room.

4.  Add two garden stools flanking the fireplace.

You can check out our Tour page for more photos.  But, here are a few rooms together in our home.

image image

For extra fun, you can go to the Tour page and compare this family room to the last one.  Totally different.  Did I say totally?

How do you think the family room coming along?!  I’ll show you more progress in the breakfast room soon!



  1. Wow! It’s looking so wonderful. The home is beautiful and you’re making so many great design decisions to make it even more special!!

  2. Wow! I am impressed with your progress, all these in 3 months?? Love the striped curtains, cowhide rug, the industrial end table an that ikat rug from the dining area!

    You a wonderful job in all the rooms, Kristy!


  3. not only is it looking amazing but it is so signature kristy!

  4. Beautiful friend!! Love it all!!

  5. Its looking great! I am jealous of that cowhide ;0)

    • Got it at IKEA! Of course, I looked like an idiot on the floor digging underneath the table to find the one that was just right in color. Made a lot of friends, though. ha!

  6. I love how you layered the cowhide rug on op of the other rug. It is really coming together nicely. I like the height of the chair even though it won’t be in the room. How about just dipping the legs on the coffee table in silver or the blue from the ceiling? The dark wood goes nicely with your side table but you are right, the table blends in with the rug. I agree with Jessie, signature Kristy.

    • Thanks so much! I hadn’t thought of just dipping legs… I’ll have to explore that! The top fretwork is what I really want to emphasize though as it’s the cool part of the table and blends with the rug… Hmm…

  7. I can’t believe you’ve only been there 3 months and your room is this close to being finished! It’s looking absolutely amazing. And, I’m completely in love with the cowhide over the natural rug.

  8. It is really coming along! Very cool – I like the blue ceiling a lot!

  9. It’s looking so good! And I love the blue ceiling more and more every time I see it!

  10. I really really like it Kristy. Very polished and sophisticated. And I love the hide rug layered. I have been working on our family room since the New Year and almost finished. I wanted a cow hide rug so bad and had picked out one I just loved and the price was right but in the end I ended up going with a shag instead. :)

  11. Looks absolutely beautiful! I love the lamps…I can see the one with the black shade easily and the floor lamp. You’ve done an amazing job in such a short time. The cowhide rug is awesome!


  12. It looks lovely but I would expect nothing less from you. I’m still drooling over your tv stand. It’s bea-u-tiful.

  13. WOW, you have been so busy!! I love your new house, thanks for sharing!

  14. Such a wonderful mix of pieces throughout all the rooms, Kristy! Great job pulling everything together so nicely!

  15. Um, the family room is amazing! Love the layered rugs and the striped curtains! Seriously, everything looks so good

  16. LOVE it!!! It all looks amazing…I have been contemplating adding a cow hide over my natural rug. Do you mind sharing where you found yours. I may just take the plunge and finally go for it!

  17. Fantastic progress! I am still in love in Cowhide rugs and yours is pretty awesome!

  18. I love, Love, LOVE your blue ceiling. What an amazing statement that works so well with everything else! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about the whole House Hunters “scandal.” :)

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