It’s Rough, But An Office Vignette

As I mentioned, there are lots of little areas of the house under construction right now.  Below, you’ll see that I have played around with some new finds from Homegoods for my husband’s office.  You’ll see boxes and such still around.

The red dog has special significance to him since he’s involved in a business venture called Red Rover.  The chair is the matching one from the family room, also acting as a space filler and one day to go into the dining room, most likely.


We moved in 3 months ago this week, but these were the only boxes in the house that remain unpacked.  Why?   When this photo was taken, the room is empty other than this little vignette.  So, not place to put the books and office supplies.

However, since then, we got a new desk.  I need to show you the desk soon.  Boxes are now all unpacked.  Every last one!

The sunburst mirror (originally in the family room) is sitting on a box ready to be hung behind the chair.

Other plans for the room?  A huge clear dry erase board like in our old office and well, since my husband is my husband (and a hunter)… animal heads.

Off to a good start?

The Simply Spray giveaway winner is:  Stacy Currant, entry 10.  Congrats!



  1. Ha! Love the red rover :)

  2. I love that mirror and the red dog is too cute!

  3. Love red rover! So cute! And I really love your sunburst mirror!

  4. Off to a Great start Kristy! I love that chair & remembered it as well in your family room. The sunburst mirror will be stunning in there. Love the dog!

  5. aww I love Red Rover =)

  6. It’s all going to be gorgeous! Love the sunburst mirror and the dog.


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