Quick and Easy DIY Art

We have several nooks at our new house.  I decided to make some inkblot art for one of them.  Framed in multiples.   Most things framed in multiples to make one larger piece of art look nice.   It’s a good rule of thumb if you can’t find that just right large piece for a space.

I simply used the ceiling paint from the family room, since the nook is in the hall adjacent to that room.

Dripped it onto some thick scrap booking paper.


Folded it and let it dry!


I put four of them up in matching frames that I’ve had for a while.  Woolah, there is art.


I could give all my guests the Rorschach test and test their perceptions of these meaningless ink blots!  :)  Or, make each add their own piece on their visit, so it’s always changing.

I may redo some of them, but first I’m going to live with them and see what I think.  But, easy enough to redo should I want to!  And, this art was free!

Since I’ve shown photos of the kitchen last, I’ve also added some items on the countertop.


I got the lantern at Homegoods and the old Ford sign at Wimberley’s Market Days, which is a hill country town market that happens once a month in Texas.

Loving the blue in the new house!  Are you?



  1. I love the ink blot art, what a great idea. I especially love the lantern vignette.

  2. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now! It looks great. I thought it would be a cool thing to have on my walls and see what people see, then psychoanalyze them. J/k! You’ve got me motivated to make my own. Thanks!

  3. What a fun idea Kristy! Ok, so here’s what I see (and I’m aware someone is going to analyze me and say I’m a complete freak!) Top left – frog, top right – a man with a goatee and suspenders, bottom left – a woman serving a tray of hot pastries, and bottom right – a kangaroo’s face :D What did you see?

  4. Great idea! I agree with you…anything in a grouping = instant big impact!

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