Breakfast Room Photos!

This room is complete!  Other than an eventual new coat of paint on the table, that is.


Since the last post on the breakfast room, we added the chandelier and chair cushions.  Here it is with a bit of the ceiling medallion showing.


I’ve also updated the Tour page with the new photos.

What did we do in here?

- Curtains.  We hung IKEA curtains on wood rods.  The substantial rods gave a more expensive feel to not so expensive curtains.

- Plant.  We added a fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner.  It adds some life to the space.  So far, it’s still alive after a couple of months!

- Rug.  We anchored the space with an ikat rug.  It’s a classic yet hip design that adds pattern, but the neutral color doesn’t take the attention away from the chairs.

- Table.  The table is an antique pedastal table.  I hope to give it another coat of paint soon.  But, I love all the imperfections.  It was white when I bought it which I think is perfect for the space.  It lends itself to an airy feel, contrasts from the nearby dark kitchen cabinets and again, lets the chairs be the star.  It does have a leaf should we need to seat six, but this is the perfect size for every day use in the space.

- Chairs.  They are the star of the room.  The chairs are made by Meadow Craft.  They are aluminum faux bamboos chairs that came in a set of six (with the table) from 1976.  I adore them.  They were painted blue from their original yellow.  The blue echoes the nearby family room ceiling color.

- Cushions.  The chair cushions were replaced, though we still have the original chair cushions which are in great shape and will hopefully find a great home.

- Chandelier.  We had the electric box put in and then we hung the zGallerie chandelier.  This acted as the crowning jewel.  The reason I chose a more old school chandelier style is that the room needed a more feminine lines to balance the solid colors and simple lines.

That completed the space.


Before we take final photos of the space, I will add a centerpiece of flowers, preferably hydrangeas, so it’s nice and photo ready!

Whatcha think?



  1. Great job!!! I love the blue against the white…very crisp and clean. And, the chandy is beautiful of course!

  2. So, so pretty, Kristy. The chairs are so striking and the whole space looks so pulled together and chic. Love that rug!

  3. So beautiful Kristy! I love the room’s freshness & inviting elegance yet with a super cool comfortable ambiance. It’s perfect. Wish I was your neighbor to be able to sit & chat at your table. Wonderful job!

  4. This breakfast area is beautiful, fresh and stylish. Love everything about this room. Told ya I have a good feeling it’s going to be my favorite room!

    Have a good weekend!


  5. Love the chandy, Kristy, it seems perfect for your space!

  6. I still drool over these chairs every time I see them. If you EVER run across 4 more of these in your area let me know- I would so drive up there to get them.

    Hope your doing well!

  7. Hi Kristi. I love your new house. It’s simply gorgeous and of course your skills in design are incredible. Of course you already knew that. Ha ha. Anyway, I was wondering about your paint color choices. I like the color wall paint in your breakfast room and other living areas and was wondering if you would share with me the color name, brand and sheen if you have that information. I absolutely love it. Thanks!

  8. This breakfast area is beautiful Kristy. Love everything about this room.

    designer bedroom furniture

  9. Where did you get the rug from? Beautiful area.

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