Entry Update

I posted here about how I was painting a dresser for the entry.  I wanted to update you on how that is going.


It looks a little splotchy in the photo.  It’s not.  Must be the photo processing.  For whatever reason, it’s really tough to capture the exact accurate color of this piece.  It’s sort of a slight navy with a metallic sheen.



Love her in a metallic blue.  After sanding, I used what I had on hand to paint her – ceiling paint from the family room (blue) and some white pearl to give it a metallic sheen.  Then, I finished it with a poly spray. How about a few more photos?

I’m playing around with the lamp and books, as well as the mirrors.


The sunburst is there as a possible thing to hang on that wall. 


The vintage mirrors laying on the floor are also possible things to hang over the dresser, though I can’t find just the right configuration yet.  And, ironically, the image below with just the bottom of the dresser showing may be the most accurate in color.


How was it before?  Well, I was playing around with this chair.


But, decided on the dresser, as it flowed better with the surrounding rooms.  Note, the entry door is to the left of the dining room.  There is a hall between the dresser and dining room.


Again, here is the dresser.


How about a closer view of the paint color and metallic sheen?


What do you think?  I still have work to do in the entry, clearly.  But, it’s coming along!  As we all know, this stuff doesn’t happen overnight, but how great would that be?! 



  1. This is looking so great ~ it really can be hard to capture colors sometimes! And the hardware is perfect!

  2. Beautiful color on this dresser! Love the styling and blue/green vase.

  3. LOVE it looks amazing!

  4. I think I’d be incredibly bored if things happened overnight!!

    Loving the blue. It’s like that dresser was meant to live right there!

  5. Love how the dresser turn out! Perfect spot for it and to have a fun splash of color pop out :)

  6. That is so super cute Kristi! I LOVE the color! My favorite picture was from the dining room – it really shows what you are doing.

  7. Sorry – I meant ‘Kristy’. I never even checked (I normally do) because I was cocky and thought I for sure knew :)

  8. I love it! I especially love that sunburst mirror…if you decide you won’t use it, I sure can! ;) I can’t wait to meet you tonight so you can help design my boring master bedroom!

  9. Kristy, that bold pop of color is yummy!! Love the plan for the big starburst and the collection of mirrors for over the dresser. It’s going to be a fun little space!

  10. Love love love it! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the shine!

  11. I always love it when guests walk through the front door and say WOW! This is what they will say (if they haven’t already) when they arrive into your entry way….but with multiple WOW’s!!! Wonderful, love the blue!

  12. the pop of color is delicious. Love it! And a collected room is so much more thoughtful and interesting then an over night put together (however I have done some over night stuff that worked! ) LOL Have a super great weekend Kristi. ~

  13. Oooh I LOVE it! The color, the sheen, the lines… it’s absolutely perfect!

  14. Love, love it! Does the starburst mirror fit above the dresser? That would look so pretty there. But if not, what about a piece of art work in the mix of mirrors? Or just a big piece of art work on the long wall or even above the dresser. That pop of blue was a perfect choice

    • Thanks! The sunburst barely doesn’t fit there. Definitely could mix art in, though I need to find the just right frame so it mixes well with the mirrors. Do you think the art/mirrors AND sunburst on the other wall would be overkill or fine?

  15. Great choice! The dresser does fit in better with the space rather than the chair! LOVE it!

  16. I LOVE the dresser there! The chair was awesome but the dresser does flow better with your room. LOVE!!
    I came over from pam’s blog – Simple Details :)

  17. I love what you did, hard to believe its even better than that pretty green chair! Just came over from simple details:)

  18. Just hopped over from Simple Details and so glad that I did….I am so in love with the color of the dresser….I really love it in the foyer and it just sets the tone for your home…saying welcome to my very happy home!!….Fantastic!

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