Fun Finds – HomeGoods and Home Consignment

Here are some recent items I found while out shopping for clients.


Phone-852 Phone-837 Phone-840

Phone-828 Phone-853

Phone-842 Phone-843 Phone-854

Phone-858 Phone-861 Phone-862

Phone-551 Phone-553 Phone-556

Phone-558  Phone-549 Phone-506

Phone-507 Phone-508 Phone-512

Phone-516 Phone-518 Phone-525

Home Consignment

This store has two locations and was so crowded that it was impossible to take photos or see all of the items.  They consign items, sell new items and hand crafted items.

Phone-669 Phone-680 Phone-682

Phone-686 Phone-690 Phone-692

Phone-697 Phone-699 Phone-701 

Phone-704 Phone-706 Phone-711

What finds have you come across lately? 



  1. HomeGoods, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!! :)

  2. I recently found a great runner at my HomeGoods (well TJ MAxx but they are all the same, right??)

  3. I haven’t been to Home Goods in ages! I definitely need to go again!

  4. I get frustrated with our Homegoods…especially after I see people post what they find at theirs…..:(
    Pretty good consignment store though!

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