Jumped On the Bandwagon

Now my small bookshelf in the nook is organized by color!   Check them out.




Like the rainbow?  I do.

Can I find what I need?  I found that I actually remember books by color even better than author and title a lot of the time.  So, about the same for me.

Do I use them?  Yes.  Are they bought just as accessories?  Not these, but I do have others in my house that fall into that category.

Question for you guys – do you use books as much as you used to?   Or, do you rely on electronic copies and the internet mostly?  Do you think books are going to become mere accessories one day?

And, yep, always keeping it real.  Cords and such are not hidden.  :)



  1. I love books but really have to schedule time to read them. I’m always reading news, articles, blogs, and whatnot online and then peruse magazines, not to mention a daily dose of children’s books. ;-) Fun witht the colors!

  2. Love your bookshelf styling by color!

  3. I love it! It really draws your eyes and is such a fun pop!

  4. Love Love the top photo of colorful organization Kristy. I couldn’t help but notice the black & white “piano key” books. I very much like the b/w ceramic container as well. Very cool bookshelf. Within the last several years, I seem to have accumulated many more books. I refer to them quite often it seems. My time is pretty much shared half and half between books and being online. For me, there’s nothing like the feel and look of a book.

  5. I love the rainbow!! Everytime I move I get rid of so many books (who wants to carry boxes of books??) and so my stash gets smaller and smaller (I basically move every year). I love to decorate with them though but I rarely buy them as decorations…and most of my books were actually given to me by friends and family to read and pass on so I guess I rarely buy books in general.

  6. The Internet can never replace curling up on the sofa with a good book (with pictures of beautiful rooms, of course). I still frequent the library. But, there’s no doubt Internet is a quick resource if you need to know something fast.

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