My New Favorite Austin Store

I decided to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on a hutch and buffet that I bought.  Why?  Well, it lets me skip priming and sanding which I hate, but that’s another post.  In my quest to purchase some, Wendi from Thelma and Louise pointed me to Revival.  What an awesome store!  The owners kept finding cool stuff and finally just started a business where they could buy and sell what they find.  I wanted to share some photos from the store with you.



You can click each image to see it larger.

Phone-561 Phone-565 Phone-568

Phone-570 Phone-571 Phone-574

Phone-577 Phone-588 Phone-597

Phone-599 Phone-602 Phone-604

Phone-605 Phone-606 Phone-608

Phone-609 Phone-614 Phone-613

Phone-617   Phone-610 Phone-620

Phone-622 Phone-624 Phone-631

Hope you enjoyed that little tour.  Check out their store!

Be sure to enter the Panyl giveaway if you haven’t!  It’s easy to enter and if you win and you don’t need them, gift them to someone who does!



  1. I haven’t been there but it looks like I need to go! Did you find any treasures besides paint?

  2. You have to take me here! Love it!!! It screams repurpose.

  3. I think I would start to hyperventilate upon entering this store. What a treasure trove!!! Kristy, do you know of any place like this in the Phoenix area from living here? This is right up my alley. Annie Sloan CP, from what I hear it’s fabulous. Expensive but apparently well worth it. I haven’t tried it myself but I was planning on getting some as soon as I find a store that carries it here.

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