New Favorite Blog

I received an email from the author of this blog this week, so I checked it out.  I almost don’t want to share it with you.  It’s awesome. 


Her blog is simple.  It’s a daily digest of Austin Craigslist gems.  No extra text.  No extra links.  Not a bunch of advertising.  No comments.  Just daily Craigslist images and links to posts.

I will be reading it every day!  She has an excellent eye for what is a good find. 

Here are some examples from this week.


Of course, continue to search on your own – how could she find ALL of the cool stuff.  

Do your local areas have such blogs?  Maybe you should start one?  This could also work well on Pinterest – a board for each week.



  1. You are lucky! I should look for one of these for Indianapolis… but it looks like you have much greater items way more often than we do!

  2. Think this will start a bidding war in the Austin area? ha! Glad you shared. Thanks, Kristy!

  3. Can you say… NEW OBSESSION?!?

  4. That is such an awesome site! I wonder if we have one for Richmond??

  5. What a great discovery Kristy! Very very good blog she has. You just gave me another good idea here…very cool, Thank YOU!!!

  6. No. Way. I want someone to do this for my area! Although half of the fun is finding the strange things you cannot fathom existing :)

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