New Light Fixture

Our brand new home, like so many new homes these days, didn’t have a main fixture in the breakfast room.  Just recessed lights.   The builder said it was because they aren’t sure just where new home owners will place the table.  Perhaps.  Though in our plan, with a window on each side, it’s pretty clear where the table should be placed.


I thought that was the finishing touch this room needed – a chandelier over the table! So, I hired Bryant Electric to come out and install a box in that ceiling so I can then install the chandelier.

Getting ready to put the box in!

New Stuff-001

They are installing a switch on the wall.

New Stuff-021

And, here they are cutting the hole for the new ceiling box – perfectly centered between the two windows. However, it happens to be right next to the recessed light.

New Stuff-010

See what I mean!  That’s not going to be pretty.  A chandy with a recessed light RIGHT next to it.

1New Stuff-0242

We could pay to remove all wiring and then pay another contractor to cover over it with sheetrock/ texture/ paint.  This would add about $150-200 to the original price tag.   Not going to happen.  So, we got creative.

We chose to disable the recessed light and use a 24 inch medallion on the ceiling to cover that hole.  This would also allow us to put the recessed light back in should we ever want to do so.

Gold and Chandy-031

Where did we get the chandy?  Off of Craigslist.  It’s the Bellina chandelier from Z Gallerie.   We’ll show you the whole room soon!   My husband says the chandelier is now his favorite thing in the house.

I have to take the time to brag on Bryant Electric.  They were awesome.  Very reasonably priced.  Got the job done fast.  Communicated clearly.  There were no surprises.  Called to follow up.  Just excellent service!  I will be using them again.  I encourage anyone else in Austin to reach out to them if you need electricians.

Have you run into issues like this that you’ve had to solve creatively?



  1. Your new chandelier looks beautiful! Looking forward to see the whole room. I have a feeling this might be my most favorite room in your house! :)

    Hope you had a fab weekend, Kristy!


  2. That’s a perfect solution for covering up the old light!

  3. Drop dead gorgeous! And your fix with the ceiling medallion is super smart. Can’t wait to see the whole space!

  4. Impressive and resourceful!

  5. Great idea that I just may use Kristy! I love what you did with the entire light & chandelier. I pretty much have the same issue going on right now above my kitchen island. Haven’t quite chosen the lights yet but I will keep this in mind. Thank you for this great idea!

  6. What a great idea! I love ceiling medallions! They are the perfect architectural accent! The chandy is amazing too!

  7. Clever! Looks great.

  8. I am just wondering why they didn’t use the canned light wiring for the chandelier wiring rather than run a whole new line? Maybe because you wanted the chandelier to switch on separately from the canned lights? You know how my mind works…I just had to ask lol I have to agree with your husband, it is my favorite piece so far!

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