Working Away – Painting

I’m balancing client work with blog/ home work today.  The dresser in the entry got sanded.


Then, painted.  The drawers are ready with their metallic coat already on, but the rest is waiting on the last metallic coat and then a clear coat.  Then, back on with the hardware.


And, from another angle and with some hardware loosely on…


Sorry about the pictures being grainy – they are from my phone.  The lighting is a little off, too.  It’s a stormy day, so I had to turn on inside lights.

What are you up to today?



  1. Oh, that chest is going to be great! Love the bold color you’re adding to your space.

  2. Lunch date with the hubby while mom took the boys to a movie and reading a book. Lazy day! It feels nice with this stormy weather. But cinnamon rolls have been on my mind too…maybe I’ll make some. Love the dresser!

  3. The color is awesome!

  4. I am totally in love with that color…and the dresser and all it’s sexy, straight lines…and all the pics of your new abode that I’ve totally missed out on!!! I can’t believe it’s been so ridiculously long since I’ve popped by! I blame it on complete summer overload. (c: But you haven’t missed a beat, my dear, you never disappoint with your fabulousness!!!

  5. I love love love that color!! What’s it called?

  6. Its so pretty! I love that color

  7. LOOOVE it!!! so so awesome!

  8. Wow ~ looks like a great dresser, and I love the color you chose!!!

    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure as there are just too many colors to choose from and really, I’m choosing blindly. The dining room is across from there and I haven’t chosen colors for it!!

  9. love the color! i’m wanting to paint a cabinet in my house a similar color of blue. what did you use?

  10. Oh what a bummer about the chair! But I like the idea of the chest in the space. The color is so pretty. It will make good storage too! Just a thought, what about changing the hardware out? Maybe cup pullls? Or fill the holes and use ring pulls? Or not :)

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