A Client Project – Master Bedroom

I’ve been pretty lax about showing client projects lately.  It’s such a tricky thing – you have to get permission and some clients don’t like their projects to be shown for fear that someone may copy them.  But, more than that, projects are not always completed, completed according to the original vision, or you just don’t ever take photos or receive photos of the finished project.  So, yeah, it’s tricky.  And, well, sometimes I just don’t get around to posting them.

But, today, I wanted to share a master bedroom that I designed way back in early February for a fabulous and fun client.  This was an e-design, all done over the computer.  My client is located in Kansas City.  About 1/3 of my clients are e-design, 1/2 are local, and the rest are staging and other types of consultations.


Below is the before photo of her room.  Not too bad at all.


It’s so interesting how many clients come to me with decent rooms and good taste!  Then, we update and add some pizazz.  We discussed her needs, functionality, colors she liked, what all she was willing to do, and her budget. That’s how we came up with the design, as a collaborative effort.  We tweaked it a few times and came to a final design.

Here is one of the earlier storyboards, before we changed the rug out.


She got started on the wood plank focal wall almost immediately!   As is often the case, she added her own little spin on it with different stains on the wood planks.  I love it when clients follow the plan, but add their own spin that doesn’t alter the overall design, but adds even more character.  Below is how the wall turned out.


I love it!  I asked her to share a bit about the experience of putting the wall in.  I will just paste in her words, as she did a great job at explaining it.

The process was pretty simple.  Thank goodness I have a husband that will get right in and help accomplish things.

We went to Home Depot and talked with the lumber guy there who helped us decide on 1×6 pine planks (6 ft. long).  (Hubby) then figured out on the computer how many boards we needed and a running bond pattern.  He felt strong we needed a pattern while I just wanted different cuts, but the pattern turned out great.  (We used 49 boards.)

We then found the studs and dropped chalk lines.  Hubby cut the wood and together we nailed. 

I used 3 colors of minwax stain – the new weathered grey, special walnut and jocobean.  I did variations of some plain colors, then some with the walnut and then some grey over, some with grey and walnut over…basically just mixed it up.  I did try to stain a few before putting them up but found it better to get the boards up plain and stain after they were in place.  I used a rag to wipe on the stain after trying to brush it on but it was too heavy that way and harder to control where it went on.

We also tried filling the set nail holes with paintable wood filler and liked it better without filling them – just sinking them.

The total cost for the wall was under $350 so we were happy and it took us about 8-9 hours total.

Thank you for sharing!  I cannot wait to see the rest of the space!

If you are in need of design help, email me at kristy(at)hypheninteriors(dot)com.



  1. That wall is awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest of the room!

  2. How unique! Doable and affordable. It could work with a number of products..The idea is growing in my mind. MC might be in trouble!

  3. What a great design and they did a great job on the wall! Most people aren’t so brave, so I’m impressed!!!

  4. I love how it turned out. Seems easy and affordable, they did a great job. I like the variation of the colors and the pattern, hope we get to see it all done!

  5. WOW! This is beautiful and so well done! What a great mix of details in the story board, can’t wait to see it come together.

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