Garage Workbench – Done Easy

Last weekend, we got our garage organized.  Today we’re working on our garage workbench.

Let’s face it, we aren’t carpenters.  So we have to keep things basic when building.  That’s why we chose the 2×4 Basics system.  It can be found at places like Amazon.   Or, directly on the site.


What’s so great about this?  It allows for 90 degree cuts only.   Not miters or angles.  We just have basic tools around here, so that is super helpful to us!   And, it’s customizable, according to your space.

It is essentially a plastic system that allows you to just add 2×4’s and plywood.  The sturdy 2×4 framing make this kit strong.  Each shelf will hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Oh, and I was not given this product, asked to review it or compensated in any way.

What are some of the possible configurations?  Here are some photos submitted to their website by actual users.

image image image

image image

I like the idea of having shelves and a workbench that we can take with us, should we move.  At our last home, it was all built-in.  So, it’s a better investment.  Anything that has to be left with the house is money lost.

Below is the start of our new workbench.

Workbench-016 Workbench-003

Workbench-009 Workbench-011

I’ll show you how ours turned out once we’re all done!  They say it can be done in an hour.  We’re going on our third hour soon (by “we” I mean mostly Chris), but it probably could be done faster.  We just hate to have a wrong cut and have to get more wood.

Have you built your own workbench?  Do you try to avoid angle cuts?  Or, is this all too simple for you?  Are we just wimps?  I love anything that makes a job easier!

If you haven’t, be sure to enter the Blue Soul Designs giveaway – the drawing is at 5pm today!   It’s super easy to enter.  Promise.



  1. What a cool idea! And you get to say that you made it yourself. :)

  2. We’ve got something similar in the basement for storing all our stuff. Ours are just long shelves for holding big plastic tubs.

  3. Very nice Kristy! I had not heard to that system but good to know. I’ve never made my own workbench but this does look pretty easy to do. No, you are definitely not wimps. I hate to cut angles too but I will need to pretty soon for some projects. This is handsome enough to use indoors, say a craft room or art studio if a person had a large enough room for that.

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