DIY Painting – A Bit of a How-To

I posted my diy family room art yesterday and by request, I’ll explain a bit about how I created it today.  However, since I did not take photos throughout the entire process, this won’t be too much of a tutorial.

What I love about art is that it’s never wrong.  And, it’s always fixable – you can just paint over it.

Here is the art I painted as it dried.  I went with a medium gray called Chimney Sweep (Valspar) for the sides of the canvas.


And, here is the painting sitting on the floor, with the sunshine right on it.   It’s tough to see the texture, but there is texture.


Since it’s tough to capture color just right in photos, I decided to show both photos.

Phase 1 looked a bit like a water color.  It was a thin layer of blended colors.


I worked on an old industrial cart with acrylic and latex paint, a water bottle, a squeegee and a run of the mill paint brush for most of the painting.

For this first phase, I just brushed on color as a base, without letting anything dry.  I continually spritzed the canvas with water and blended until my brush had no more paint on it.  Then, without cleaning the brush, I went on to the next color, while keeping them all wet throughout the process.  It’s that easy.

For the next two phases, I simply squirted on paint (a ketchup container works well or even an old glue bottle.  Then, used our shower squeegee to “comb” it down and even across.  So, the outcome was very angular.

Art-001-4 Art-004-4

Just keep doing whatever until you are happy with it.  My hint here is to have a very rough image in your mind – I pictured a lake with some trees hanging over it.

Next, once I got an idea of colors and how I wanted it to look, I added texture.  I used spackle and Martha Stewart’s texture (comes in a small can at craft stores).

I then painted on top of that texture once it was dry.  I tend to like texture on a canvas.


Next, I added blue with a dry paint brush, just a little here and there to soften the blue side.  I added a bit of green as well.  Then, more dark blue again.

Art-003-5 Art-004-5

And, next, I just tweaked with some whites and yellows and so on.  This time I spritzed with water as I painted the lighter colors, so they are almost just a wash.  I followed that with drizzling on some ceiling paint (latex) from my family room for added texture and interest.

And, lastly, to finish it off, I painted the sides of the canvas gray.

Art-007-3 Art-004-6

And, straight on.

I still need to do a clear coat, but I’m making sure I’m really done, first.  You never know!

Pretty simple!  I’m not an artist by trade, but hopefully this is up to par for diy art.  I hope that all made sense.    If you are thinking about making a piece, go for it!   Do it however you want.  Play around.  I look forward to trying a different technique on my next piece.



  1. ok so Im a visual learner- so I vote for a “you-tube” of this! LOL you know, you could video yourself painting and then edit it on fast forward so we could see the process, add some fun music and voila! just saying…..

    • That sounds like fun! Maybe on the next piece? I’d have to edit out throwing things and all of the curse words. Just kidding! I may actually do that if I can figure out how. ha!

  2. They’re both beautiful pieces. I have just bought a bunch of textured painting supplies but I’m a bit nervous about getting started. I hope mine looks half as good as yours when I’m finished.

  3. I love it! And I agree, texture on canvas is amazing.

  4. I am no artist by any means either, but I love art, and you knocked out it of the park with this one. So pretty and I love the movement in the painting. Great job Kristy! Inspired me to do one myself one day.

  5. Love what you did!

  6. I found your painting on Pinterest and it inspired me to make one of my own. So many people have been repinning from when I originally pinned yours – you’re becoming very popular! You can see my version at Thank you for the fabulous idea.

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