Getting the Garage Organized

I’m sort of an organization nerd.  As a kid, I organized for fun.  I enjoyed cleaning my room (not the cleaning, mainly the organizing) and when that was done, I’d look for other things to organize.  I had two little brothers and I’d take everything out of their backpacks once a week and organize it all.

They hated it.  I loved it.  Haha.

Well, I’m still a little like that.  I love having an organized house.  Not to the extent that everything is labeled and in similar containers.


Don’t get me wrong, though, I like that.  No, I love it.  I just don’t have the money and time for it.  So, I meet in the middle.  I just like for things to be in their place and to have a place.

Below is “the middle ground” that is found in my pantry.  It’s not art.  It’s not worthy of a tutorial, but it’s my version of being organized.


That’s part of our actual pantry.   Yes,  we like to stock up on certain foods.  Can you guess which ones?  Trust me, I’m not the pop tart lover.  And, this flavor is hard to find!

I love to be organized so much, that if things are messy around me, I have a very hard time being productive and creative.  Yet, on the other hand, I can sit there and see dust for quite some time before I’m driven to do anything about it.  Tell me others are like that!

I have a whole Pinterest board where I pin ideas on how to be organized.  There’s so much more we could do!


At the least, I need bills paid, papers filed, groceries put away, dishes in the dishwasher, the threads from my shedding area rugs vacuumed.  Just the basics.  I am alright with an unmade bed, a pair or two of shoes out and things like that…  I’ve come a long way – that would not have been acceptable in the past.  But, spouses do rub off on you, right?  I think we meet in the middle on many things after all these years.  And, it’s a good thing he has tamed that side of me down.

So, this weekend, we finally tackled our messy garage.  It’s a three car tandem garage.  That means one side is long enough to hold two cars, one parked behind the other.  We had this at our last home as well.  So, we use the extra car space for storage.

Let me back up for a second…  it’s tough just having that space for storage as our first home was in Utah.  You know, the land of basements and cold storage (look that up if you haven’t heard of it, I’ve just seen it in Utah)?  Well, we had an unfinished basement and could store everything we wanted down there!


We got pretty spoiled. It was a real shocker when we moved to Arizona and suddenly had to fit everything inside the house or in the garage. I’m still adjusting.

The garage was almost just as it was when we moved in five months ago.  Below is a before and after.  it’s probably best to just show pictures.


We got the shelves from Lowe’s and put them together.  It appeared super easy, but there is this one part where you are connecting the upper three shelves to the bottom three and it’s tough.  Not even the best design.

We added pegboard on the walls so we could hang things that didn’t make sense to put on shelves.

The containers and such are things we had on hand.  Very little money spent.

It took us a couple of half days to get this stuff in order.  We’re not quite done, but it’s much better!   I can breathe now and feel like we can really USE the space and enjoy doing projects…  and find things.

We still need to add a work bench on the back wall, hang the ladders, and a few other odds and ends, but overall, we’re almost there and there is still plenty of room for the cars.  Yay.

Have you organized your garage?  Are you an organization nerd?  Do you tend to clean out and redo each spring or just before school starts?

Oh, and those two huge boxes on the left hold our Christmas tree.  The green organizers at the top hold the ornaments and décor.  Where do you store your holiday stuff?



  1. I wish we had a garage like this. I, too, am getting use to not having a basement to store things, so we have stuff in the attic that we won’t use as frequently and then shelving but there’s still not enough space to park our 2nd car, which bugs me. Overall, I feel pretty good though, b/c I’m pretty sure no one in my neighborhood parks any of their cars in the garage and at least I’ve got one in there.

    • Ahh, we have lots of attic space, and we haven’t begun to utilize any of it. I hope to not have to because anything I put up there gets forgotten about completely. I tend to sell (or take to Goodwill) anything that I haven’t used in a while. Sounds like you are making it work! I think that is the interesting part – every space is unique and you have to come up with unique solutions. I think parking one car in is probably better than most of the US.

  2. I am very organized. Can’t do a thing unless it’s orderly! Family and Friends think I am totally crazy. I have NO “SAY” on the garage! That’s MC”s territory ……it is a total space of confusion, but he knows where everything is…..(he says he does, I doubt it!). I just close my eyes, get in the car, and wait until the garage door closes to open them again…..oh I’m not driving during this ! If I’m driving I totally keep focused on the rear and where I am backing up.

  3. Our garage really needs to be cleaned and organized… it’s on my list! You did a wonderful job! :)

  4. I was going to say I am middle ground too, until I saw your middle ground pantry. That looks super organized and so nice! Mine’s not quite that nice….lol. But for the most part I am like you, I have to have things organized and in its place or I can’t think or be creative. I get flustered. I can have dusty furniture but everything has to be neat and picked up. :) I have my own tool set and it’s not allowed to be touched by Bobby G. I got tired of always hunting for his screwdriver or hammer. He would just leave them any ol’ place. Now, I know exactly where THE tools are. :) Great post Kristy.

  5. Yeah I’d be thrilled with a pantry that organized! Please come fix my house. :)

  6. A woman after my own heart! I’m exactly the same with organization. I go a little nutty if the things in my life are not in their places. I seriously don’t think most creative people are like us Kristy. Yes, I’m the same way about the dust thing but it has to be tidy, if you could imagine tidy dust.
    Living in Arizona, I’ve had to adjust to not having a basement as I did in Colorado. It’s really difficult but I have no choice so I can so relate. Yeah for you with the basement now! Your pantry looks great. Mine is due for a re-org again. I never pegged you for a pop tart girl but your husband doesn’t look like the pop tart kinda guy either. I had to laugh at that one Kristy.
    Your garage is great. Again, mine is due for another clean-up after the weather cools down. We scored here in AZ since the former sellers had those incredible high end built-in cabinets attached to the walls with a work bench & peg board. There was enough room for a garage refrigerator in one corner that I found on craigslist after we moved here. Super job girl or the organization & this post; can’t wait to check out your Pinterest org folder . I must say, I am rather euphoric just thinking about what I can organize next.

  7. Hahahaha! I love this!!! I’m just like that too, but it all flew out the window with kids. And I’m definitely a before the school year person…the past couple weeks have been cleaning and organizational madness around here! LOL And we must have been on the same wave length because I organized our garage last week (on a large scale…moving on to the little stuff now).

  8. Enjoyed reading your post! The last picture looks nice. You have organized the garage well. Great work. Keep sharing similar posts.

  9. Your garage looks great! I typically have to revisit mine about 6 months – because it never stays organized with 2 dogs, 2 kids, and a messy hub. ;) But I do have a secret closet where I keep all the Christmas stuff which makes me super happy! Here it is –

  10. Oh geez. I really need to tackle our garage. You have insane organization skills! Props to you, Kristy!

    If you get a moment, check out my blog –

  11. I wish I was as organized as you. Totally got me motivated to rearrange my closet. Thanks. :D

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