Greige Week – Greige Week – Go-To Greiges – Part 2

Yesterday we had bloggers sharing their favorite greige(s).  Today, we have more!  So, save these for when you need a go-to greige.



Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies

I have used this color in my own home and in a recent model home project. It’s for sure my go to greige! It has a real slight green undertone that I mostly notice at night when my house gets darker.





I totally agree about “greige” being a tough color to get just right. One of the reasons is that paint reflects things like floor and furniture color. And then there is that other problem….what kind of light is in a room. My best recommendation is to paint a piece of core board with 2 coats [very important] let it dry and then put it in the room for a couple of days. Another trick I use it to put it up against white. You can really get a true read when you do that.

So….Here are a few of my favorites.

Martha Stewart
Flagstone MSL 247…..gray with a shot of green
Cobblestone MSL 241….gray with a hint of pink
Sharkey Gray MSL 230….almost perfect!

Martha Stewart Flagstone

Benjamin Moore
Museum Piece CSP-40 from their new Color Stories deck. The samples are actually painted on.
Cosmopolitan CSP-100….Pretty true gray
Grant Beige HC 83
Revere Pewter HC 172

Pratt & Lambert
Lambswool 2269….more of a beige with a hint of gray.

Farrow & Ball
2 of my all time favorite colors are below!
Mouse’s Back #40…rich and dark…great back drob for any color

image  image
Farrow and Ball Mouse’s Back

Light Gray #17….another perfect color.

Sherwin Willams
Keystone Gray 7504….hint of green



Sherwin Williams, SW7017 Dorian Gray

My go-to greige is Sherwin Williams, Dorian Gray. I prefer grays/greiges that have warm undertones and this one is just right. It is soft, warm and inviting.

We painted our living room Dorian Gray and after 3.5 years of living with it I still love it! Almost every other room in our home has been painted multiple times, but I have never grown tired of the living room color.

I have used gray/greige in many of the rooms in our home. A couple of my other favorites are: Olympic Brand color: Quill and Sherwin Williams, SW7018 Dovetail Gray.



Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

My *favorite* greige is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. I painted this color in my master bedroom, and left it that way for all of about twelve seconds before I realized the yellow tones in my carpet were turning my world upside down and I’d have to change it.

But for that twelve seconds? It was pure, unadulterated love and devotion. It’s such a soft, serene greige that changes colors in different lights: revealing the faintest tones of blue and green depending on the time of day. It’s absolute perfection. Please, someone use this paint in memory of my master bedroom, which is now a beautiful soft grey-green: Benjamin Moore Silver Sage. (See it here.)


My master bedroom was also Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan for a brief period just prior to its Silver Sage phase. It’s another beautiful soft greige which leans more beige than gray. (Clearly, I like to completely paint my rooms a minimum of 3.6 times before committing to a color. My husband just loves this habit of mine!)



Anything on this strip at Sherwin Williams – SW7015- SW7020, or Repose Grey to Black Fox

I love these greys because they are true greys; without leaning towards an awkward baby blue or an annoying twinge of green. The black fox is a great color for adding drama to a space. I love that its dark but it has a brown undertone keeping it very warm and cozy. I painted the area above my fireplace with the black fox and I love how my white accents really pop against it!




Thunder (AF-685) by Benjamin Moore

I chose this for a client at a recent colour consultation expecting it to be a greige. Once the painter was finished I realized that this is probably the perfect, elusive gray that we are all looking for. There are no obvious undertones that take over as there normally are with gray. It’s deceiving on the chip though because it looks more greige than gray.

image_thumb18 image_thumb19

If you’re not in love yet then you can also consider my second go-to which is Cosmopolitan (CSP-100) by Benjamin Moore and their new Colour Stories line of paint.


I hope you enjoyed this series on greiges.  Tomorrow, we’ll hear from a few more bloggers!  So, be sure to check back.

What is your favorite greige?

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  1. you have rounded up some of my all time favorite bloggers and LOVE their rooms!

  2. Love this series, Kristie. All your contributors are outstanding home interior bloggers and it is great to get their take on griege all in one place. ‘Fickle’ colors are the hardest choice for homeowners. Having my own ‘go to’ colors and knowing professionals have used with successful results give me added confidence. Great images, too! Thanks for the guest posts.

  3. I just painted my entire house BM Gray Owl at 100% and at 50%. Love both.

  4. Thanks for including my go-to greige, Kristy! This is such a great resource!

  5. My dining room is Ben Moore Aura – Meditation and I just painted my office Ben Moore Rockport Gray. Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been looking for a new greige for my bathroom! xo, Kimberly

  6. I picked out Hazy Skies for our dining room…I thought I detected green in it, which is what I wanted! Yay!

  7. ohhh! these are good and some new ones I didnt know about! Have to write all this down for future clients. And totally agree with Sherry about painting a large swatch on core board it works!

  8. What a great post to save for future reference! I just painted my office Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray (from Part 1) and it does read a little cooler, but I love it!

  9. This is such a great post! I love when bloggers get together :)

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this!


  10. This is a great post for those of us who are obsessed with greige at the moment. I”m taking notes and checking out all those colours. Thanks for having me over Kristie!

  11. What a great round up. SO many great greiges to choose from. Thanks for all of the eye candy. VATW sent me your way!!

  12. Again…I think it is time I consider adding greige to my house. Loving the series, it is a great resource filled with beautiful rooms.

  13. i just love this series! thanks for the post and the detail!

  14. Just pinned this post for later reference. Hello, awesome resource! Thanks for pulling together so many great minds. So glad Kelly @ VATW sent me over.

  15. Great job on the past two posts! I love seeing all of this greige inspiration!

  16. Seriously love this serious Kristy! Thank for having me be a part.

  17. Man…there is such good info here…loving all three post!

  18. Interestingly, you say that you favor warm grays such as the Dorian Gray from Sherwin Williams. However, when I looked it up on their site, they claim it has cool undertones! Is there such a thing as a perfect gray? :-)

    • Awesome question. I was waiting for that. Two parts to the answer. 1) It was another blogger’s referral via my post where I highlight other blogger’s go-to greiges. I have not used Dorian Gray myself. 2) The color theory answer to warm and cool is that it depends on what you are comparing it to. So, it’s more of a warmer than or cooler than terminology that is technically correct. However, in general, warms contain browns and cools contain more blues. Though I said it’s a two part answer, other tips include remembering that the wall color that you are painting over will greatly impact it. My builder’s beige (SW Kilim beige) makes very warm grays less warm when I paint directly over it. I have to take that into consideration. In addition, there is lighting (warm or cool), adjacent colors, etc. Hope that helps though! If you are considering Dorian Gray, or any of the suggested greiges, compare it to another color such as a clearly cool gray or a tan or white.

      • Excellent answer, Kristy! I’m closing on my home next week, and it’s all covered in builder’s beige. (Even the ceilings, yuk.) I think I’ll narrow my choice for the living area down to a few then paint some on the wall to see how it will react. Thanks!

        • That’s definitely the best thing to do. You could beg them to let you try it now and paint it for you if you buy the paint. :) My personal favorites at the moment are: BM Pashmina, BM Senora Gray, and Behr Sandstone Cliff. The first two are light to medium gray, the last is quite light.

  19. I bought a sample of the Dorian Gray 7017 lightened by 75 percent. In the picture it looks very light but my sample is very dark. I love that color you have in the picture but it just doesn’t match my sample. Any comments or suggestions?
    Thank You.

    • Sometimes samples aren’t true to the color on a computer screen. That’s partially true because every computer’s colors are calibrated a little differently. But, even on a paint chip, it can be different. That’s why samples are so important. I don’t personally have experience with Dorian Gray. That was suggested by one of the guests. I hope you find a color you love!

  20. I absolutely love the BM revere pewter! My master bedroom walls have been transformed, and I’m loving it! However, I am desperately struggling with a carpet color. Any suggestions? I know you mentioned earlier that the yellow tones in your carpet were fighting with the cool griege of revere pewter. What color carpeting would work best ? Revere pewter is our wall color with a crisp white trim on the moldings. Thanks so much!

    • I’d continue the warm gray tones, even if they are undertones. I’d take a swatch of the paint to the store to choose the carpet. Hope that helps a little.

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