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Greige Week – Go-To Greiges – Part 3

Tuesday and Wednesday we had bloggers sharing their favorite greige(s). (Links to the other two days at the bottom.) Today, we have more!



Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

My go to greige is undoubtedly Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. It’s such a fantastic neutral that seems to read well in almost any light or space. It is probably the most used color by my clients as well. I have used it in formal livings rooms, master bedrooms, and most recently in a coastal bathroom. Here is a look at it in a client’s family friendly living room. Megan, from Honey We’re Home, is also a huge fan and has used it in many of her spaces.




Pratt and Lambert Seed Pearl and Farrow and Ball’s Hardwick White

I am a huge fan of the greige trend as it lends itself so beautifully to be completely serene or a soft neutral background for punchy furnishings and fabrics. I tend to lean towards a warm greige {less blue} and some of my favorites are Elmira White {HC-84}, Classic Gray OC-23, and Halo OC-56 {all Benjamin Moore}. Southern Living featured one of my favorite cottages which used 2 great greige colors: Pratt and Lambert Seed Pearl and Farrow and Ball’s Hardwick White.


The greige provides a soft, classic and calm kitchen but offers a beautiful balance to the opposite side of the breakfast nook. Here it combined with dark brown and white zig-zag chairs, a coral sofa and artwork and traditional draperies.





Natural Gray by Behr Ultra Plus Premier

When designing my room, I wanted something that was subtle and still popped the white accents I had throughout the bedroom. I knew I was incorporating lavender accents, so a gray with a purpley undertone was key. This greige color I went with has just the right amount! Warm light makes it appear more gray, and cool light made it look a bit more lavender.

Here’s the color on my walls!




DIY Show Off

Sherwin Williams SW 7044 Amazing Gray

I absolutely love this color and used it in the downstairs bathroom.

It’s perfect when paired with bright white trim it and gives the room the perfect amount of sophistication.




Benjamnin Moore’s Weimaraner AF-155
Weimaraner is my favorite greige to offer clients who are switching from a brown color palette to gray. It has strong brown undertones so it’s not as shocking when passing into the gray movement. Often people are afraid of painting their homes gray for fear of it looking “sterile.” Weimaraner is a great color to use if this is your fear. It’s kind of like the training bra of the gray family!


Another gray I’m a bit partial to is Benjamin Moore’s Senora Gray 1530. This gray has a slight green undertone and is the backdrop of the majority of my own house.

{Make Them Wonder Blog}



Behr Sandstone Cliff

This is the most recent greige I used.  I used it in a staging project.  It’s a very light and airy greige that reads more beige in warm lights and more gray in daylight.  It’s a fabulous color if you like a lighter greige.  And, since not many have given a Home Depot greige, I thought I would!   This home was staged on a massively tight budget and crazy turn around time, so don’t judge.  But worked out well and one of my favorite parts was the wall color!   No one undertone stood out too much which is hard to find.


And, though it is just a phone photo also, I wanted to show the bedroom (like the other room – as much of the room as I could fit in one image on my phone) to show the color in dimmer night lighting.  And, the paint swatch is on the right.

Phone Cam-070 image

Other greiges that I’ve liked include Valspar’s Wild Hawk (more on the beige side) and Colonial Woodlawn (more on the gray side).  I don’t have any greiges in my new house YET.  But, now I know of a lot of colors that I plan to try – starting with my husband’s office.  He’s working from home again and that means we are making his office our next project. 

Below is Valspar’s Wild Hawk in our old family room.



I hope all of you very much enjoyed this series on greige.  If you haven’t be sure to check the first post to truly understand the concept of undertones and what it can mean for how a color appears on your walls.  Thank you so much to all the bloggers that participated and generously shared their favorite greiges.

If you missed them, here are the other posts where other bloggers share their favorite greiges:
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I encourage you to pin your favorites for future reference.



  1. again, some of my favorites showing off awesome rooms! LOVE it!

  2. Nice colors. Just had to add Pismo Dumes by Benjamin Moore It is also a great slightly darker greige that definitely still has brown tones in it!!

  3. If only you had posted this before painted the baby’s room. :) I’m not loving the grey but the color is a definite improvement. Very helpful posts!

  4. Great series Kristy! I am currrently searching for the perfect greige for my master bedroom…and now have lots of beautiful options to consider! I have even used several of them already in other rooms of my home.

  5. I used Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray. It is a light green grey and I love it!

  6. Beautiful rooms! Another option to consider is Valspars Elephant. I painted stripes in my office in it and I think it’s the perfect dark greige.

  7. More great rooms and colors!

  8. This was an awesome series, Kristy. Thanks for including me and for the work involved in putting it together!

  9. Love seeing everyone’s gray rooms! Thanks for including mine :) Linking over in my post tomorrow!

  10. What a great series! I’ve bookmarked this since i know I’ll want to read it again!

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