Office is Painted

Horray, it was painted yesterday.  The painter did an excellent job!   Now to move everything back in.


What did it look like before?  It was the builder’s beige (Kilim Beige).  See all the sample colors on the wall?


Ignore all that junk.  I just didn’t want to clean it all up prior to moving all of the furniture out.

Now, it’s a warm gray, BM’s Senora Gray.  Here it is in progress.


And, an after shot, one more time.  I loved the Ben Moore Regal paint.  Low VOC, paint and primer in one.  Costs a little more, but one gallon covered this whole room and it just took one coat!  Good stuff.  I bought a second can which I’ll now need to use in other rooms.  Bummer, huh?   Can’t wait.


If you aren’t convinced the color is that different, take a look from just outside the door where the beige is still on the wall (for the time being).

Office-016 Office-013

Can you see the faint greige strip on the builder’s beige in the first picture above?  That’s the color for the rest of the house’s main area.  Though I loved the BM paint, in the main area, I may end up having my custom mix done with Sherwin Williams HGTV line.  It’s a little less expensive and when you’re doing a large area, it adds up.  And, it’s no VOC.

I love the greige!  It’s softer, more soothing, more contemporary and brighter.  Can’t wait to do the rest of the house in a similar (custom) color.

What other plans do we have for the room?  Well, we’ll put the vintage mid-century modern L-shaped desk back in, towards the right side of the room.  Curtains will go up.  Perhaps some sort of rug.  A giant white board made from a sheet of acrylic on the wall shown to the right in the photo (back wall).   Antlers and such (hubby is a hunter) on the wall across from the window that is over the credenza portion of the desk.  A chair in that left corner that isn’t visible in the photos with a table next to it.  I’d love a tall bookshelf behind the chair, but there is a light switch there that would have to be relocated, so probably just art or a mirror behind the chair.

Colors?  I’m not sure other than his Red Rover dog.  But, definitely some blue since that’s the color that is consistent throughout the home.  One step at a time.

To keep you inspired, here are some finished offices that we love.  They are all over the map.  They have nothing to do with what we are doing in the space, but I love them.

image image

image image

This is one of those spaces where ultimately function always wins out over form since my husband works daily from this office.  So, it’s all about making sure it’s functional for him.  But, I’m convinced we can couple that with pretty, even if a few monitors and wires are showing!



  1. Darn light switch! Lol :-) It’s a great color!

  2. I have no doubt you’ll create a stylish and functional room! :) Your new greige looks great with the white trim, and that ceiling is amazing!

  3. It looks great, Kristy!

  4. Colors are looking good…girl! You will make the monitors and wires fit in perfectly.

  5. Very pretty and fresh, Kristy! Ready to see what you fill it up with!

  6. The color looks fab and I love your inspiration rooms :)

  7. Love the greige. Perfect color. See ya contractor beige, greige is moving in! Blue is going to look so nice in there, can’t wait to see what you do with the room.

  8. Oooh, I”m loving that color! I need to come back next week and catch up on my reading after the kids go to school! Excited to see all the changes you have made in the house. :) Hope you enjoyed a beautiful summer!

  9. Looking good! I love grey!

  10. I’d love it if you wouldn’t mind sharing your painter’s contact info and pricing info. I’m in the area and needing some paint work stat! Thanks

  11. Just found your blog. Love it! Wish I would have found it earlier. We just had the whole house painted one shade darker than Kilim Beige and it’s so pinky and yellow. I cost a small fortune (2o ft ceilings) and I wish I would have gone with a greige instead. Any suggestions on how to tone it down or not be so annoyed?

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