Painting Interior Doors – Trend Alert

I mentioned going navy with the office door on my last post.

Though it’s not a brand new thing, painted interior doors are definitely becoming a trend.  Painting the exterior of a front door has been popular for many many years, with red being the most popular color. But, what do you think of painting the interior?  Great way to add a pop of color?  What do you think of this trend?

Let’s look at some examples.

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

The color I am seeing most often may be black.  Black is also probably the color for interior doors that has been around the longest.

image image

image image

image image

image image

Black (and all these colors) certainly make an impact.  Especially with light walls.

Are you on board and ready to embrace this in your home?  Do you love it?  I do.  I need to find just the right door to paint in my home.

What are your favorite colors for interior doors?  Have you done this?

Oh, and if you do one door, do you feel the need to do them all?  Only one color or can you do one door one color and another a different color?   What do you think?

And, when you paint the interior of the door, where do you stop painting – do you paint the sides of the actual door or not?  The whole door?



  1. I have been falling in love with the idea for a few weeks now. I think I’m going to start with black inside and out on my front door and maybe go from there …

  2. Just finished my black doors last week and I’m totally loving them! The bright colors are beautiful, also. Bye bye boring white!

  3. I just painted my laundry room doors teal. I think it is really fun! My husband thought I was CRAZY though!

  4. I just painted the interior side of my front door black and I can’t believe what a huge and dramatic change it makes.

  5. Black never goes out of style. I have never painted the inside of my doors a color. The outside yes, but am going to think about doing it on the inside because I love the look!

  6. Yup, I’m on board. I painted the interior side of my front door black (the exterior is yellow!) and recently painted a door leading from the kitchen into the laundry room black as well. I have a hallway with 3 doors in close proximity and think those 3 should be painted the same color. I like the idea of painting their interior (inside the room) sides a fresh color to add a pop in the room.

  7. I have a black panelled door to the master bathroom. We painted it that colour. I certainly love the statement it makes!

  8. We painted the interior of our Foyer door black this past spring. We love it…..We just did the door, not the trim

  9. My husband would never let me paint our interior doors, but I’d love to paint the inside of our front door to make a statement in our foyer.

  10. We built our first home in 1975. The downstairs doors were hardwood and stained but the upstairs doors were hollow core and were painted colors to match the bedrooms. I had forgotten all about that. Maybe it’s time to do the same thing in this house…..hmmmm. It would be fun.

  11. I painted my exterior door a brick color and I used flat paint. I now wish I had painted it a bolder brighter color and with glossy paint. I’ve been wanting to paint an interior door but my husband who isn’t used to change would be so …. well, he would think I’m crazy. So I’m going to paint the door to my office…!

  12. Are you seeing flat paint or glossy paint on painted doors? I really wish I had painted my exterior door with glossy paint. I think it would have made more of a statement

  13. I LOVE the look of painted doors, but what I find funny is that unless you have beautiful wood stained doors and trim, most doors these days are painted anyway – they’re just white! :-) Ok, I know, I know…not ALL, but my point being: if it fits with the whole design of the room, it can make a powerful impact to the entire look and feel of a space.

    • Haha, I totally wrote that and then deleted it before posting because I figured ppl know what I meant. Good point, just in case.

  14. So fun, I love it!

  15. Hi Kristy! In our last home, we painted the doors in our bedroom navy blue, and I loved it. In this house, I’ve been toying with the idea of painting all the interior doors of the house black, keeping the white trim. With the exception of our bedrooms and bathrooms, the main parts of the house are all the same light grey. I think it would add some drama. I started a Pinterest board just the other day for black doors – I’m trying to get up the nerve to just do it!

  16. I LOVE this trend. I started by painting my French doors black and I like it so much that I moved on to painting the interior of my front door and the door out to my garage black. The pops of color are so fun too!

  17. One of the first things I did when we moved into this house was paint the red front door. It was not a pleasant red and look horrible with the exterior. That thing drove me nuts! I went a very deep brown that really just looks black. Love it. I ended up painting the inside the same color saving it from the oak monster. I didn’t take it off the hinges, so the hinge side and the lock side are still oak but it doesn’t bother me. I was worried that if I painted the lock side it would rub off and end up looking shabby after a while. Can’t wait to see yours!

  18. I’ve done the painted doors in some of my houses but not this one I’m in as of yet. Haven’t gotten that far here. Something to keep in mind since I’ve been in the custom painting business for longer than I care to think of, so a bit of advice here.
    Gloss vs satin or matte finishes: Check with a knowledgeable paint person at a quality paint store to see if they sell a gloss interior trim and door paint that does not leave fingerprints as time goes along. Usually the higher the gloss, the more visible flaws tend to show.

    • Good advice! Never a bad idea to ask questions. I rarely seen trim and doors that weren’t semi-gloss or gloss (which I refer to when saying gloss in general). But, something to be aware of, and different brands can vary a little on that… Same with walls – if you are hyper concerned about washing them, an eggshell finish may be better than flat as it will be more durable. However, they do make pretty durable flat paint now. Flat is the trend at the moment, though, and it is always what you want to do in an older home or home with uneven walls and such since the glossier the paint, the more it highlights imperfections.

  19. I would NEVER get away with that. My hubby wailed when I wanted to paint the porch swing yellow. Blessings, Ginger

  20. My husband and I have been going back and forth with what color to paint the interior of our front door. We are definitely going to do it! I love this trend. I am gong to link this post to my blog today =)

  21. I decided to paint the interior doors of our condo black. I’m unsure about the closet doors though.. They are white folding closet doors and they are all over the condo. Do I paint them too?? HELP!! If this comes out bad my honey will never trust any of my crazy

    • You are too funny! I would just emphasize the actual doors unless the closet doors have particularly interesting architecture or the color scheme would work best with them painted.

  22. I recently moved from a 1863 farm house to a new home close to the ocean. At the farm all my doors were pained a deep brown red. This was as close to the original red graining the first inhabitants would have painted to resemble a more expensive wood. We had all off white walls with the window sash, trim, and fireplace mantles painted various shades with all the base (mop) bords painted black. I loved it would it won’t work in my new house. In this new house I want painted walls instead of trim; but I’m having a hard time adjusting to all white interior doors. It seem like white doors are the focal point? Shouldn’t doors fade into the room, rather then stand out?

    • They can do either. If it’s an intricate amazing door, you certainly want it to stand out on some level, even if it’s just due to the trim work. If the door is flat, then you probably want it to fade into the room. Other things to consider – where is the focal point of the room, what would the door be competing with, do you need to add color, etc. Hope that helps some!

  23. I like a really eclectic look and feel and use lots of reclaimed things in my house. I am thinking of painting interior doors in my new place with different colors that blend with the room’s furnishings but pop off the wall a bit. But! I also love the look of warm, stained wood. All the doors above that are painted have matching or contrasting painted trim. Any thoughts about doing this while maintaining stained baseboards and trim?
    Color me dorky, but I love the idea of saying “Bathroom is the green door on your right” :)
    One other question… What about upkeep? For those of you with painted doors, do you find you spend a lot of time touching up paint v. a stained door?

    • The upkeep is the same as anything painted – baseboards, cabinets, etc. In theory, a painted door would look fine with stained baseboards. In fact, if done in slightly muted colors (like an olive mountain green), it could be really cool. Maybe take a photo and color the door in a photo editing program and see what you think!

    • I’ll be painting the bathroom door and 3 bedroom doors on the upper level of our multi-level cottage soon. I’m with you Trace … I love the idea of saying “bathroom is the green door on right”, or, “you’ll be sleeping in the room with the red door” when guests visit overnight!

      Now to choose the colors for the doors in our cottage (which is our home)…..trim is white, so anything goes!

  24. Just painted my bedroom doors navy and LOVE it. Really would like to do all the hall doors yellow but hubby isn’t sure. Just make sure before painting you know whether your door was painted with oil or latex paint.

  25. We are building a house and am planning of having white trim with dark wood stained doors . I would like to have white closet doors as sthe bedrooms are not very big. Shill this mix look right? Thanks Tania

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