Used in the shipping industry, wood pallets are typically overlooked when it comes to other uses.  But, they are becoming more and more popular for interiors.

I saw this pallet art at Whole Foods this week.  I thought it was creative!  Full size pallets painted and hung by chains from the ceiling.

Whole Foods-003

Austin, TX is many times abbreviated ATX, so that is what that’s about.

You can do a lot with wooden pallets, which many times can be obtained for free or very cheap.  And, while you are at it, you are upcycling which is very environmentally friendly.

Let’s look at some examples of what you can do.

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

Amazing, huh?  Where can we get pallets stat?  I’ve seen them free on Craigslist.  Also most stores that get large shipments have them and give them away (except Lowe’s as they recycle).  Check local storage facilities as well, as many get left behind.

What would you make with pallets?  Or, what have you made?  Do you like the Whole Foods art?

Not all of these photos are linked to the source because I was unable to find the source on a few, so feel free to let me know if you know and I’ll update it.

Need to know how to take a pallet apart?  Go here.



  1. Oh boy, MC is so intrigued!
    The stairs are unbelievable!
    MC immediately linked to how to take pallets apart.
    Great post…I never would have given pallets a second look…

  2. How very clever! I love the Whole Foods art, and your other examples are great. We *finally* got a Whole Foods in Charlotte — it opened two days ago — so the entire town is excited!!

    • I’m a huge Whole Foods and Sprouts (a similar but smaller store that tends to be less expensive) fan! I wouldn’t be able to live without them! I get about half of our groceries here since I have pesky food allergies. They tend to carry more things with short ingredient lists.

  3. Nice, inspiring photos. I read a spread in a local magazine and the woman had a bed frame made from pallets. Kind of industrial for me, but they are certainly becoming more popular!

  4. How cool. Love the effect the give and the upcycling benefits.

  5. I’m still kicking myself for letting mine get hauled off in the big dumpster in March. I had a whole bunch of them when we did our remodel. I bet I had at least 6. I just wasn’t thinking clearly at the time & was so exhausted from it all. Darn. I love all the photos & all the cool uses. I’d love to get my hands on some now.

  6. I have pallets on my list of creative things to do around here!

  7. I have seen lots of projects that didn’t really impress me. These are awesome. Love the floors and walls. The stairs, Wow!!
    Thanks for these inspiration pics.

  8. ohhh i so wanted to do somethign with a pallette one day! lord knows we have enough in our hay barn. but i could never decide on anything. thanks for all the ideas!

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