Workbench Done!

If you are a regular around here, you know we’ve been working on getting our garage organized.  We added shelves and now a workbench.  You have to be organized enough to do those projects, right?

When I showed you last, the bench looked like this.


We used 2×4 basics to help us build a sturdy work bench that required no angled cuts.

Once finished, it looked like this.  (Except we added a 2×4 across the middle shelf in the end.)


We moved it into the little corner of the garage, next to the water softener.  By the way, check out the organizer for all of our nails and screws!  Love it.  Told you, I love anything organized.


Last, we built and added the shelves to the top, along with the pegboard.


There she is!

Plenty of fans there, huh?  Well, not everything has found its permanent home just yet.  We’re still getting organized.

In case you are thinking it looks a little crammed in the corner, it’s pushed a little into the corner because we left room to get to the water softener on the right side.  It’s movable though, should we want to move it.

Overall, it was pretty easy and is pretty sturdy.  We love that we can pull a stool up to it to work, stand at it, and use the shelves for more storage.  This system can be made in many sizes, depending on the lengths you chose to cut the wood.

Do you do your projects in the garage?  Do you have another workspace like one of those fancy buildings out back?



  1. Kristy,
    MC has been following this series and has taken many notes. Our garage is his workshop. He has built a bench for his different tools and one large one. I think he needs to add this one.

  2. Nice! You’re making me inspired to go home and clean our garage, but I have a feeling once I get home and open the garage door that inspiration will flee in terror of the mess and spiders.

  3. Super Job! I’m impressed & I so wish I had this. We have a small one (built in with cabinets) that was here with the housethat is awesome but I sure could use this for lots of art projects. This is great information & a picture is certainly worth a thousand words. I bet you are enjoying the use of it already.

  4. We don’t have a special out building. We have saws and such in the garage but it is a mess. We will clean it up after the weather cools down.
    I really liked this kit. Looks so easy. When I get the garage presentable, I will show the workbench I built.
    Enjoy the holiday, Blessing, Ginger

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