Working on Some Art

I decided to try making some diy art for our family room.  I bought a 4 ft by 4 ft canvas a few weeks ago and finally unwrapped it and started painting it.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen some of the progress.  If not, here is the art I’ve been working on.

In the next post, there are the phases of the art and a little about how I created it in case you want to do the same.

Here is the painting so far without the edges painted yet or the painting itself sealed.  So, still not quite done, but almost.


For all of you real artists out there who are cringing, I am no professional artist.  So, have mercy.  I’m not saying this art should be in a gallery or museum, but in lieu of an inexpensive print, it may be a decent option.  It’s custom, unique and ties in the colors in my space.  And, it’s affordable.

I hope to show you the final piece hung in a week or two!   I’ll use it, at least for a bit…  until I’m ready for a change.


P.S.  Tweaked it a tad more.  To see that, the phases of the art, and a bit of a how-to, go here.


  1. This is fancy pants stuff to me. Love the colors!

  2. Oh, I love it. The process is awesome! Thanks for showing the steps and telling the “story”.

  3. WOW! that is amazing girl! I have such an itch to create my own abstract art. Yours is simply stunning. And I agree that lots of layers make it stand out. Did you use acrylics? any kind of medium for texture? I need to come visit you for some art lessons!

  4. I think it’s totally fabulous and looks like it belongs in a gallery!! I tried a diy abstract ONCE, and appreciate that it’s much harder than appears!

  5. Uh that is ridiculously amazing!!!! I loved Phase 4 and phase 6 … so dont tweak anymore!! It looks great! I wish you could do a tutorial on it, or on a mini version for the blog. :0)

  6. I really love it Kristy. The colors are just beautiful! And I don’t think you could put a more interesting piece in your home than one you created yourself. :)

  7. You are so talented Kristy! This piece is absolutely beyond beautiful! I love it!

  8. Wow…pretty impressive!

  9. Now that is just plain amazing!!! I’m so blown away! It looks as professional as anything I’ve ever seen :)

  10. No cringing here Kristy, great job! I’m impressed!!! If you need any more texture (I love texture too) you might try one of Golden’s Gel Mediums. There’s regular and heavy in addition to matte and gloss. You can mix it with your paint colors or just use it alone. That product will also serve as a sealer so no need to varnish unless you want to. I think you should paint more paintings!!! then sell your prints girl!

    • Oh, thank you so much! I know you are the REAL artist, so that means a lot. I’m using that Gel Medium next time for sure! I actually look forward to trying another one using a different technique later… once I recover from this one. Ha! How do you sell prints if I ever wanted to – I don’t know how that works.

  11. I’d be happy to help you with this Kristy and for anyone else that is interested, no problem. The best print site that I’ve experienced is Fine Art America. I’ve been with them for a few years and all you do is join the site $30 a year I think, upload your photo of your artwork & you’re on. Here is my site below. I’ve sold originals as well as many prints. Warner Bros purchased paintings for sit-com TV shows from me. Many Photographers sell here as well. You can get the print in high quality watercolor paper or canvas, framed or unframed.

    You have a very good camera Kristy, so a good photo is an absolute necessity. Put your camera on a tri-pod to get a crystal clear shot. The other option is to scan the artwork if your scanner is large enough to handle it. They are so helpful if you have trouble with it. So, say someone orders one of your prints from FAA….they package it up & mail it for you. They pay the 15th of every month like clockwork. You can order your own prints for you to sell yourself & believe me, it’s a deal. I could go on & on about this site so if anyone is interested, just drop me a note. I’m always happy to help you Kristy or anyone else……

  12. I was like, “Oh, that’s so cool!!! ….woah! Look at that table!!!!!” Hahahaha….everything looks great. I imagine it’s fun tweaking everything a bit and really getting it just how you like. For some reason I find painting art like this more difficult than furniture. Go figure! Lol

  13. Is this your first time painting? If it is you would never know it! I think it looks great and it really adds the wow factor to your mantle…

    • I painted something about five years ago and sold it on Craigslist… haha. And, I did that symbol art. But, that is pretty much the extent of it. Thank you!

  14. Information on Gels: If you’re in a hurry, your local Michael’s store should have it, use a coupon to get 40% off if you can. It’s not cheap. From what I’ve experienced, Hobby Lobby does not carry Golden products. Liquitex also carries a gel but I’ve never used it. Liquitex is much less expensive, however, Golden’s products are the most superior on the market. Just depends how serious you want to get with this. Online, Dick Blick art supplies usually has the best pricing & this link will explain each gel:
    I’m thinking you might like the heavy gel gloss, however, Golden has even a heavier body one. Remember, the gels are all transparent so your paint colors will still have the same color, just be thicker….whatever paint you use.
    Golden Heavy Gel Gloss:

    Another option locally for you, is an actual art supply store in your area. Not familiar with Austin so I don’t know what they have. Call first to see if anyone has it in stock.
    Here’s another tip for anyone who’s interested in “artsy” super cool techniques: In major cities as Austin, etc, Golden has certified Golden instructors that have FREE workshops in art supply stores that give away some of their products and briefly show you “how to do stuff.” They usually last 1-2 hours so you need to block out that time, ask first though. Take a notebook for notes….Incredible cool mixed media techniques. They give away their free products in small bottles for those attending. It’s mind blowing stuff that ANYONE can do. Just beware, it’s addictive and it can get expensive. Hope this helps.

  15. Kristy….I think you have a new talent…..this is so good!!! I love how you explained it all….! Like I could do it…ha ha.

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