Would You Buy This?

I was in Fredericksburg, TX this week (land of cute little shops) and at an antique shop that I went into, I saw these.  I quickly snapped a phone picture.


Surprise bags.  Cannot open.

I’ve got to know – would you buy this?   What would you expect to be inside?  Would you feel it and shake it first?



  1. I would not buy one, did you? The packaging and prospect doesn’t look all that exciting!

  2. I would so buy one just for the sake of easing my curiosity! It’s from an antique store so you never know what could be inside! But that’s just me.

    • I was just thinking how as a little girl, I loved surprise bags! I cannot believe I didn’t even shake them or feel of them. Must have been because the hubby was with me and he was in a hurry.

  3. No, but I think you should and show us what we missed! :)

  4. I know I wouldn’t buy it, but I also know I would think about it all week. I think if my kids were with me, I might buy them a bag–I make boring, grown-up decisions when I’m by myself. ——Hahaha, wouldn’t it be awesome if I opened an Etsy shop for surprise bags? I’ll just declutter my home with that shop. Thanks for the idea. ;)

  5. I totally remember buying these when I was a kid and LOVED them. But it can be hard to splurge even $5 on a surprise ~ especially when I can find furniture for that price! :-D

  6. I wouldn’t be able to control my curiosity and would totally buy one…and I don’t even like surprises. I think I sound crazy, but it’s true. It’d be a different story had the price been any higher. Now I really want to know what is in them. Fredericksburg is cute…and not that far away. :)

  7. No, I wouldn’t buy one….they don’t have that you need me look!

  8. Well I can’t tell what kind of store you are in…but if I liked the store’s items, yeah, I would pay 5 bucks for one just out of curiosity. Heck I spend that much on a drink at Starbucks lol

  9. There was a client that had a business selling mystery boxes like this on eBay. I wondered why in the world people would buy them!

  10. Whatever is in there, it’s hidden for a reason!! LOL The type of store would make a huge difference. Maybe we should all pitch in a buy a few just to see what’s in there. :)

  11. On principle I will not buy things like this. Maybe some sellers give really great stuff, but mostly it’s to get rid of stuff nobody wants at any price.

  12. the bag design isn’t as appealing which makes me wonder if the prize will be tacky. I do love surprises though I use to go to this Gothic shop and they had surprise bags for a£1! So I would go for it (usually the prizes are cheaper than a £1.)

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